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BITTREX:OMGBTC   OmiseGO / Bitcoin
I've been in OMG for months and was just simply holding... but then when started charting it I think I've located a move in progress. I see some others have been talking about this as well today.

Here's my take.

1. Wave 5 started at the end of Wave 4 (consolidation period)
2. I think the Red Triangle Zone shown is the last of the consolidation as it has finally popped up over the top of it...
3. Used Fib Trend Line Extention to locate the 1.618 level as first target at about $30 or .00275 BTC             currently
4. I made a Sell Zone box for those who would layer their sells orders - use as you see fit.
5. Let's hope we sell before the target and then it retraces .618 so we can rebuy and watch it moon:)
Bình luận: My sell box might be a bit conservative. I won't sell all, of course, because if the 5th Wave is extended then the price could be up nearer to $33-$35 or the BTC equivalent at that time.
Bình luận: clearly I spoke too soon and the upward breakout isn't happening yet. More sideways consolidation/wind up for now... sigh*
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