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OMG - "Money is Made When You Buy NOT When You Sell"

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One of my passions is flipping Antiques. For a while I was actively buying Antiques and Collectibles at Auctions, which I would then turn around and sell in shows or on eBay -1.55% . Not a bad gig. When I lived in Arizona I used to stop by this old antique store in Wickenburg and talk to "Old Man Wickenburg". He was well into his 90s and living in the middle of no-where. He enjoyed the company and we always enjoyed his stories so we stopped by whenever we were in the area. I am ever so great-full to have know him. He taught me a lot about antiques and moreover life. One time I was in there looking around after the Phoenix show and telling him how much money I made selling this gas pump, bragging to say the least. He said casually "the rest of the show must not have been so good then". I stopped, thought for a moment and said it was ok we did "pretty" good we sold a lot. This was when he leaned over that dusty old counter and said these words I will never forget. "Son, the money is not made when you sell something, the money is made when you buy it". This was one of those moments that had everlasting impact .

So what does this have to do with cryptos? This advice applies to all markets, after all the world is just one big market of buying and selling. Buying right is the key to successful investing and trading. Whether your buying a house, business or trading/investing in the markets the money is made at the purchase.

I mentioned in my previous article that I was looking for a bullish reversal in the 14.3 to 15.25 area which did not happen, therefore I did not get the signal of the reversal until I noticed it too late. So what do we do in these situations as it happens often where we miss the buying opportunity or signal? It is simple, we look for a better opportunity. I want to buy into weakness, or at the breakout, not after missing the signal which leads to chasing and portfolio ersion. OMG is the perfect example.


We are testing the 1st Level of resistance that we identified back on the 22nd and are showing some signs of exhaustion after three well defined impulse waves. To be clear we can still move higher as our target levels of 22.3 to 23.9 are still valid. But overall the market in general is starting to show some signs of short term weakness. I want to take advantage of this, but understand that we can always go lower so I am looking for a good bullish reversal signal on a pullback.

I am looking at the 15.55 to 17.55 level for entry on a bullish reversal signal. A break of 13.65 would negate my current count and we could find support at the extreme low of 12.32 or the 0.618 retrace or even as low as 10. I would love to get another shot for the long term at 10. Keep in mind sentiment is at a low right now, but as we have seen sentiment can turn on a dime.


I never worry about missing a trade and I definitely do not chase. Markets always provide us with ample buying opportunities, and as my buddy MarcPMarkets often says, "Let the market come to you". If the market does pullback and I get a reversal signal I will be ready to take advantage of the opportunity, if not, I will be patient and wait.

Money is made when you buy NOT when you sell. Having cash on deck ready to take advantage of these deals can significantly add to long term profits.
Hi Goldbug. Seems like the support levels you drawn were pretty accurate! Well spotted. From this support, I feel a good entry point would've been the candle with the red arrow (as we bounced off support). I think the least risky entry would be after we have broke this resistance and then had a pullback or some sort, potentially back to the support line. What do you think?

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As far as I know we have to buy OMG with bitcoin, and so that adds the consideration: do we think it will outperform the king in the short term or are we better off trying to ride a bitcoin pump and get it even cheaper in a few weeks?
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DrStein IkemenJ
@IkemenJ, You can also buy OMG with tether in Bittrex.
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Love your work and philosophy GB! I have to disagree with you on this one as it just broke out of 7 weeks of trending. JMHO
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You know GB, I look for clues in your comments that may not be noticed as one gets suck in by your great stories. I really enjoy them, so thank you for sharing. My point is a while ago you stated OMG was undervalued. So I said to myself, self, take a deep look at OMG. I researched it and liked what I found. This led me to buy at 12 bucks. So long story short, THANK YOU :). I owe you an entire coffee roaster company by
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As usual amazing TA, and it is always good to read you analysis with stories. I really enjoyed and thanks again.

Enjoy your rest of your time!

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Definitely going to follow this idea closely as I look to execute less but smarter trades. Thank you sir!
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@MarcPMarkets might be one of the best analysts we have on Trading View.
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Another great one, pleasure (as always) to read, thank you
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Hi, I'm looking at OMG and NEO to take a position and your post today is very clear. I consult you if the purchase zones that you establish are related to a certain price range in BTC, it is already in the post of MPMarkets, it establishes that BTC can go back to the zone of 9 to 10K. Thank you for sharing your ideas.
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