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likely at the stage that where top sellers will start dollar cost averaging back in
Bình luận: can it go lower....sure. but, for now the minimum conditions have been met to make the first part of the idea valid.
Bình luận: greedy people want a deeper spring. optimistic people want the support to hold. btc is retracing nicely.
Bình luận: that's better

looking for set ups now if they present themselves
Bình luận: most other alts have moved up and this is still stalled.

this area is the best risk vs reward set up since the chart has been posted.

i'm officially interested.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: sorry, wrong chart above but can not delete it.

here it is...

Bình luận:
dipping in finally a bit.

Bình luận

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What is that steeze ??
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CoinStreetNews Alt_huslter
@Alt_huslter, dj's special sauce
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do you consider the volumes, its so little relative to last year bull run
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