BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
And here we have another one, which I've been posting about lately a lot, and suddenly a lot of times wrong as well. Well, that's the game isn't it? You win some, you lose some. You need to get the highest success rate possibly to be successful and you need to keep improving, which I've been doing lately.

We've two possible scenario's on POWR and this is quite likely. POWR just had a giant 12345 Elliott Wave in upwards movement. After that POWR did correct through an ABC correction all the way down to the .236 fib level (if you place fibonacci on the ATH             and ATL). It bounced and seems to be in an upmove from now. It touched the 0.5 level resistance, landing on the 0.382 and looking upwards now. I'll be following this chart the coming days to see how it plays out. It still might be possible that we are jumping to 8.5K sats             soon and afterwards we'll be retracing down to 0, which is highly unlikely due to the bullishness around this coin.

Also, POWR is in a falling wedge right now, which is a bullish signal. This might induce the leg up from here.
Looks more like a descending triangle.
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I like the analysis, I also think so.
Let's wait for wave 3 to materialize
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