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Populous/Bitcoin - BINANCE - Wyckoff Distribution Schematic

BINANCE:PPTBTC   Populous / Bitcoin
Keep in mind the 7-Day TF (Time Frame) should normally be used when using Wyckoff. However, I'm going to give it a shot with Populous despite it being a relatively new coin. I'm not sure if another exchange has more history to go by. If it does, I will post a chart from that exchange. I'm simply using Binance because I trade at this exchange.

Here is an image of a Wyckoff Distribution Schematic:

Scroll down in this article to see more instructions on Wyckoff Distribution Schematics. There are two of them in this article. It would be worth while to study the entire article several times:

Pasted the chart again for easier reading of abbreviations:

I will follow up shortly with indicators added...
Bình luận: 720m (12h) TF with indicators:

Bình luận: Daily (1440m) TF:

I'm following up with a 360m (6h) TF...

Bình luận: 360m TF:

Bình luận: Keep in mind, THIS IS ONLY AN "IDEA" and NOT TRADING ADVICE...
Bình luận: 180m (3h) TF:


Probably not a bad idea TO WAIT until I post my full TA before considering a decision about what to do or not to do after considering my ideas and ideas of others on a particular coin pair.

For instance, I said "Long" on this coin with the initial higher TF. However, that did not mean to "consider" entry at that moment in time. Because we should GO TO LOWER TF's to consider a better entry or exit after an "idea" is posted.
Bình luận: 360m (6h) TF:

180m (3h) TF:

Bình luận: As I've mentioned before, this coin has little history to go buy but the fundamentals are still there in regards to the schematic. Meaning, we are FINDING the bottom of this Selling Climax in Phase B before we see an Automatic Rally (AR) with an Up Thrust (UT). I just bought some more with a recent payout from Zcash Flypool from my mining of ZEC.

It's currently looking like 0.00230000 might be our bottom. Not certain of this though.

Bình luận: Not sure if this is where we go up yet but it sure looks like it will have some upside pressure for a while in the 180m TF:

And have a look at the 360m TF:

Bình luận: I'm posting two Daily TF's. One from right now and one from February 13 for us to compare and see how valuable the Daily TF can be to get a halfway decent idea of THE TREND; how long THE TREND will last , etc...

The Daily TF :

The Daily TF :

Bình luận: This might be your last opportunity to get Populous fairly cheap.

Bình luận: Decided to post Populous in US dollars just to see how it plays out.

PPT/USD (Calculated by Trading View) 1440m TF:

Bình luận: PPTBTC is more revealing as to where we're located within the schematic rather than PPTUSD:

PPTBTC 1440m (Daily) TF:

Bình luận: OBVIOUSLY, things have changed CONSIDERABLY:

Bithump incoming in next weeks, you know what its mean ;)
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Please explain.... :)
Phản hồi

Link, if you have one....
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I bought a bunch of PPT at $2.5 because cliff high said too.

Thanks to prowdclown he helped me turn like 5-10k in like 200k with nxt. he pointed that out when it was first crossing 2 cents. maybe earlier.
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ProwdClown Dashtothetop

Happy to hear that, Bro. SWeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT
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Thanks for posting, IMO, some of the most significant factors with PPT is the limited number of tokens available, the, relatively, limited number of ‘ max supply ‘ of tokens and, most overlooked, the scheduled elimination of tokens in the future. All of these qualities are contributing to the firm belief and hodl exhibited by the PPT community. This conviction and the desire to be “ fully loaded “ in anticipation of the plarform going live, has left the price of PPT vulnerable to selling pressure. There, simply, isn’t enough “ new “ $ coming in to support the market. The platform is coming along nicely, but I have all the PPT that I can afford. I can not buy anymore ( I wish I could ). When we get a clear indication of the ability of the Populous model the price could quadruple instantly. As they say at the roulette table, “ table is closed, no more bets “, if you’re not in I don’t believe you’ll have much of a window to get in when it rallies.
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ProwdClown Grimes921

Thanks for all the information you provided. You said a lot of things I was not familiar with in regards to Populous. It all sounds positive to me.

Thanks again for sharing...

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ProwdClown Grimes921

I'm currently mining ETH with all my AMD graphics cards and ZEC with all my NVIDIA graphics cards. Each time I get a cash out from Zcash Flypool, I continue buying Populous. I too believe this coin is worthy of some of my investment dollars.

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@Grimes921, Lets clear up one thing, There, simply, isn’t enough “ new “ $ coming in to support the market.

there is trillions of stolen fiat wealth attempting to enter crypto in any way shape imaginable.
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ProwdClown Dashtothetop

Yes sir, there totally is. We will begin to see Capital Flight pick up gradually without alerting the public. It will be OBVIOUS soon enough to the public after BIG players have SLOWLY accumulated without drawing to much attention.

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