RDD must do it's way!!!

BITTREX:RDDBTC   ReddCoin / Bitcoin
At this time, i think RDD will get a soft bump, maybe it can touch the 0.618 Fibonaci (about 0.00000137 - 0.00000140) and retest again the support prices 0.00000070.

Why did i think it will retest at that support? it's too low, right? Because at that time, the TET holidays of Chinese is ongoing, and this reason will bearing to the market, and if that support is unbreak, RDD will fly again like it does!

Certainly, it dependent on the King: BTC             !

Prices at this time is GREAT, and i think u can't find a better one!

Thats my opnion! but hope it can help!

Sry for my bad English!!! Thank you!
Does the fact that there isn’t a max supply affect how high RDD can go?
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@gstokes, RDD is good coin, but if we compare it with >1000 altcoins in the market, it doesnt show up any speacial things yet (like it's features, functions, devteam, etc....). And i think the position of this coin in the Marketcap now is deserved.

So... it's hard to say how much prices of this coin will go, but very easy to see the prices of this coin have same way with BTC (by compare two charts), and it shows this coin (and almost another altcoins) will dependent hard on BTC at prices.

1. BTC down -> RDD down
2. BTC retest -> RDD retest
3. BTC bullish -> RDD fly (maybe after or before, but almost after)

The only difference is "How much..." at 3 above situations!

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