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Raiden(RDN) The billion dollar coin.

BINANCE:RDNBTC   Raiden Network Token / Bitcoin
I just read a pretty interesting article, and after researching a little more, I decided to give this coin a try.

@MichelGarcia thank you for sharing your research.
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MichelGarcia isaiah_jerez
@isaiah_jerez, This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is plenty of info in Reddit, Youtube, and all over the internet. I believe this coin is being discovered at this stage and we may see it raise big in the next 2 months.

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isaiah_jerez MichelGarcia
@MichelGarcia, what are you thoughts on Vechain (VENBTC) and Qash?
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MichelGarcia isaiah_jerez
@isaiah_jerez, I would prefer to talk about Raiden Network here. I sent you a private message to let you know my opinion.
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@MichelGarcia hey there, i'm new to this coin but it seems way underfollowed, and could be one of the top coins of 2018, for once it seems we are probably 6 months ahead of the curve.. do you know what was the reason the coin sold-off so badly after it's ICO from about December 17th to about a week ago.. Something about a launch problem.. did people think they were going to launch the mainnet on the Ethereum network and then it didn't happen, they just launched micropayments? The bitkan "sponsored" release disclaimer is on almost all sites, that's nothing special.. a lot of companies now issue small news that way as opposed to the AP Newswire......but the real question is did the management fail to deliver its promises in December b/c if management had set expectations for investors too high for investors and failed to deliver..those types of mistakes are often repeated by management... and now with this press release of "deals coming" in the coming weeks, those expectations are going to be even higher... the deals are going to have to be a lot bigger than some off-label Moxy-One card, tnx
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MichelGarcia Krisworldwide
@Krisworldwide, you are 100% correct, this coin doesn't have high volume yet. There is not a lot of action going on right now, and my opinion isn't a financial or investment advice. I don't have a big position on this coin myself, but I do see the potential. I don't have all the answers either, but I will share some of the information I found about this coin. Forgive me if I just copy and paste. I'll leave the links at the bottom.

Raiden, for those out of the loop, is a project that was first unveiled in 2015 as a scaling solution for the world’s second largest blockchain.
Raiden is expected to increase Ethereum’s network capacity to 1 million transactions per second – which could make it the first blockchain to compete with VISA, PayPal, and other traditional payment platforms.

The Raiden ICO Will Be A Dutch Auction To Downplay Hype
The Raiden Network ICO will be a Dutch auction, which means the price of the tokens will decrease throughout the length of the sale.
This means investors who know about the sale have an incentive to keep quiet –if fewer people know about it, it means they can buy tokens at a cheaper price in the future,.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has spoken out against Raiden’s ICO. He has promised to donate his advisor shares in other ICOs (including 100% of his OmiseGO tokens) to charity, or to fund open-source, non-profit projects across the Ethereum platform.
Buterin released his statement almost immediately after Raiden’s developers announced plans to run an ICO campaign. The Canadian-Russian wunderkind took issue with the fact that Ethereum projects must have no baked-in profit scheme, including an ICO token (otherwise, they’re not eligible for funding as Ethereum infrastructure projects).
Ultimately, the Raiden ICO sounds like a big deal – but the developers are purposely downplaying the sale. They’re simply seeking to raise funds to complete development of the Raiden Network, the long-awaited Ethereum upgrade that’s expected to vastly improve the transactional capacity of the network. The Raiden Network tokens (RDN) are expected to be used to pay for fees on the network.


Raiden is one of the most exciting altcoins I have researched in a long time. The ICO ended a few days ago and since then it has a little more than doubled in price. My excitement does not come from the price though but from the team and technology behind the coin.
Financials and Chart Analysis:
At this time it is hard to do a real chart analysis as it has just recently hit exchanges. Right now the market cap is only $79,519,500. RDN reached $1.90 and then corrected to $1.32. A healthy 30% retracement and now has begun its second mini bull run. RDN has a decent amount of daily volume for the exchanges it is currently on. Liquidity and market cap will increase as RDN gets listed on the other major exchanges. I can say though that this altcoin was built by Ethereum core developers, already has working code and has not even been listed on the major exchanges. In my opinion, this will be a billion dollar coin. Raiden (RDN) is currently trading on Binance, EtherDelta, Gate.io and Kucoin. I believe this will soon be listed on major exchanges such as Bittrex and Poloniex which will greatly increase its market cap. My prediction is that RDN will continue to rise until it hits 5x the current value within the next few months.


Buy the rumor, sell the news has played out perfectly for Raiden.


ICO Analysis: Raiden Network


the Ethereum Raiden Network. This is Ethereum’s version of bitcoins Lightning Network. The technical definition of Raiden is allowing off-chain scaling solutions for performing so called ERC20-compliant token transfers
Raiden supposedly enables near-instant, low fee, scalable transactions. The operative words here are off-chain scaling and privacy preserving.
This is an option to watch closely in 2018 to see if Raiden can live up to some big promises.
One thing is certain, transaction speed and costs are likely to be hot topics in the New Year.
Remember, one of the original selling points of bitcoin was that transactions were fast and free. At present neither of these two promises are being consistently met.


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MichelGarcia MichelGarcia
I didn't want to make the post too long, but I wanted to show you what I see right now. (not financial or investment advice. This coin is still unknown for many and volume is low)
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*Sponsored press release*
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@RCollins, Yes Sr. Thank you! I should have pointed that out, and remind all readers to do their own research.
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