Intelligence Front RTNB Insider Trading Before Delisting,

Stock got halted before the close, the day before it was to be delisted. It never opened back up, volume was significant, all the scanners picked it up so it was the biggest mover of the day. My guess is either someone had a lot of naked shorts they needed to cover before they removed it from the Nasdaq, or somebody had a deal with someone to cover their shorts to drive up the price so insiders could dump whatever shares they had left. Very unusual that it would trade that much on such negative news, then get halted for several days. Also, and this is just my opinion, but I think this company was a front for some intelligence operation. You have General Michael Hayden, a retired four-star general who served as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (2006-2009) and the National Security Agency (1999-2005), and Michael Chertoff, former director of Homeland Security, and co-author of the Patriot Act, on the advisory board. The company then goes under, gets dished off to a private company that's connected to the Trump administration. I feel bad for the shareholders that ended up holding the bag. Seems like this is the tip of an iceburg bigger than me, but it was interesting digging into this thing. Company also had 200 employees
i have the rtnb level 2 action on the day of the trading halt for anybody interested, i can share it via my google drive
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