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Safex will Skyrocket very very soon - 5x short term.

Safex will Skyrocket very very soon. This downtrend was expected after that pump to 236 earlier today since there was a sell wall set there by a big player and people are just going with the flow for now.

This is the best time to buy because think about low can it go now? It's at 196 sats now....when it skyrockets, you'll get several times more. 3x, 4x short term for sure and 10x long term easily considering how much this coin is undervalued at the moment.

As always....don't put all your eggs in 1 basket and do your own research, but I'd be a fool to not invest in a coin where like I said before there isn't much to lose when the coin is at such a low cost because it can't go low enough for you to lose anything, but when it goes up, which it definitely will, the profits would be HUGE, depending on how much you invest...

Remember just 2 months ago on 08/05 - it safex was at 932 sats , so even it doesn't go pass that in the short term, it's still almost 5x return if buy early. In my opinion, any buy under 400 sats is very cheap, but this right now is dirt cheap and depending on how much you invest..the more you gain. It's extremely rare to find an undervalued coin like this...remember for example, if you buy $2000 worth of Safex at 196 and even if it goes down to don't lose much if you sell, but why would you? Fearing it will go down further? how much lower can it go? Just hold and reap your 5x profits because a coin like this will definitely hit 1000 sats very soon.

Again...if you think it's going to go lower and wait to buy, think about much more do you think it will go down? and when it skyrockets to 1000 sats soon, you would have missed out on 5x profits. Once it reaches 1000 sats , it might correct as it goes up and maybe on its way but I reiterate...this is the right time to buy....for maximum profit and more importantly...minimal loss.

There's also many rumors that several big investors are looking at Safex. Even if these rumors are proven to be not true, remember 'buy the rumor, sell the news', so it's going to go up anyways soon. Buy it now when its cheap since it will almost never be this cheap again.

As always, like every other trader says, I advise you to do your own research, but more than research, my analysis here is just based on common sense and practicality. No China news or JP Morgan news can affect a coin negatively when it's so cheap and rarely in crypto will you have a coin where you don't have to do any major technical analysis to see you can make a safe (pun intended) investment and get maximum profit both in the short run and in the long run and if you don't think this coin will do good in the long run, you can always at least make HUGE short term profits.
Thats seems like pump and dump scenario. So you are sure we have pump signal?
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I agree - almost every coin out of 100+, except 3 or 4 on bittrexx is down now meaning it is showing red with down arrow probably because bitcoin is going up but that just means your altcoins are still worth the same meaning when safex goes from 200 to 180 it is still worth the same because even though you would have less bitcoin if you convert your 180 sats safex compared to the 200 sats safex, your bitcoin is worth more now. Anyways when all the altcoins recover safex will shoot up very high so i agree buying now would be a good idea since it is super cheap
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cryptosavant jumbler8973
@jumbler8973, yeah I'm generally not concerned when an altcoin goes down when bitcoin goes up as I'm not losing any money since my wallet will show the same $ amount since 1 balances the other out.

I'm now accumulating as much safex as I can now since it's guaranteed 4x-5x soon...
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