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BITFINEX:SANUSD   Santiment / Dollar

Ok peeps. I cannot see the valuation in this stock being even close. Sub $1 or back to the lows. This is clearly a case of hyper ridiculous valuation. This could be a major short opportunity.
Bình luận: Spread the word, this crypto is clearly a short dream. If it were a stock, this would be ridiculous valuations? This is not a crypto currency to hold and I can't believe people bought it. I can't believe anyone is holding it at these levels. Low float doesn't matter when there's nothing to justify the valuation.
Bình luận: They're fake providing support on the bid side to prevent the crash, but anyone holding now should be taking the opp to sell right into it.
Bình luận: Who thinks this can easily go back under $1 (or back under $0.50)? That's $5.50 drop from here and drops happen fast. Sell into the fake bid strength trying to prop this up.
Bình luận: Fake support keeps disappearing. They know this could drop like a rock in an instant.
Bình luận: Think they're trying to do a manipulation run to look like strength. Wow, still can't believe the short potential if people find this and holders realize what they stuck in.
Bình luận: I owned this I'd be DUMPING into any strength, fake or not.
Bình luận: Guess I must have touched a nerve ;) fake propping happening.
Bình luận: Even a little selling pressure is making the bid side disappear...reappear...it's all an illusion of strength. Who wants to prop this up. Back to $0.25 is within reality if everyone wakes up and sells. I'm looking for the sub-$1 range. Again, there is no real value to this crypto.
Bình luận: Spread the word to the community, this is possibly the best short opp of this month. This crypto just snuck in with the rest of the ride and no way is it worth it. I'm not a short selling fan with stocks but with currencies, not problem.
Bình luận: If mighty Bitcoin can sell of to half the run up highs, then this crypto that has no value can drop like a rock to where it started.
Bình luận: If this were a real stock, it would be lucky to have a fraction of it's float valuation. The more I look at this, the more ridiculous this gets.
Bình luận: Volume is coming in, so we're awake now. Truth hurts and I've been on the wrong side many times but SAN is ridiculous at these prices. Maybe at $0.10 for a valuation of the business, but $6.50, are you kidding me? What exactly does the crypto offer? Nothing.
Bình luận: Don't fall for buy side 'strength' its all a sham, when real sell volume into market price comes in... Can't believe anyone would still be owning at these levels.
Bình luận: There is literally no volume propping this up at these levels. I'm still dumbfounded holders haven't sold this back under $1...more like back to 0.25 or less.
Bình luận: Surprised sellers aren't just doing market orders at this point. You don't want to be left holding the bag on this one.
Bình luận: I'm even more amazed anyone would buy this at these levels, when there are so many better companies! That is dumbfounding beyond belief.
Bình luận: MINUTES WITHOUT A TRADE. Why would anyone be in something that is so easy to manipulate. Sorry holders, you got suckered. When the floor drops, this will be back to where is started. Waiting for holders to clue in and bail. There is no fundamental reason for even a fraction of this valuation.
Bình luận: The manipulators may keep this propped up, but even they won't be able to for long.
Anyone who is on the buy side or stays in...RIP...
Bình luận: When the sell off occurs, wonder how low this could go? Anyone call a penny? Or less before it recovers? It might not happen, but this is the kind of crypto (among many others, it's not alone) that should literally hit sub-penny when people wake up and sell off. There's speculating and there's...never mind.
Bình luận: Now I think I'm just going to locate these terrible cryptos and go short on whatever Bitfinex offers. It's time to clean house so the good ones can survive. Ridiculous.
Bình luận: CRYPTOFAIL, my new term. Holders in this must seriously be contemplating dumping.
Bình luận: Some serious manipulation happening to keep this afloat.
Bình luận: Last 2 highs were on lower volume and no volume respectively (Dec 23 & today). The first runs up were on large volume. Not good.
Bình luận: Someone tried manipulating up but failed.
Bình luận: Finally starting to sell off on light, very light volume.
Bình luận: Panic selling hasn't started, but with this big a drop on very pathetic volume, kind of shows holders how bad this is...wait till the panic starts. I just hope I'm around for it...
Bình luận: Weak attempt at support just happened. Guess they'll try.
Bình luận: Perfect sell opp while they're trying to pump this back...
Bình luận: They must have found out about my SELL call on this. They've been trying hard to keep this propped up...
Bình luận: Hmm. If Coindesk creates their own crypto and competes pretty sure Santiment would be in a lot of trouble...
Bình luận: Well, literally right after my post, SAN was manipulated up for a spell. Now, it seems that market (or so sellers) had enough propping it up. Decent volume on this sell but nothing that can't be manipulated back up. We'll see where they take this again...
Bình luận: Here we go, back in the $4s
Bình luận: Long drop back to $0.50...
Bình luận: Will it drop back to $0.50 or less and then the manipulation back up can start all over...
Dude you raped this coin. Hahaha. 15 cents is what shall it be. And that is just for the nice team
Phản hồi
Aaaaand it finally tanked. I was out and couldn't put a short on and it's probably time to buy now but I'm not touching this.
Phản hồi
Miykael ahbahb
@ahbahb, LOL yes. It was clearly manipulated up after my post and now it had decent volume pushing it down. Bouncing off lows but it seems pretty easy for the holders to sway this.
Phản hồi
Miykael ahbahb
@ahbahb, long drop back to $0.50...
Phản hồi
Yeah I have been watching this with much skepticism too but as the saying goes, the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain liquid so I'm not going to short this one!
Phản hồi
kasx99 ahbahb
@ahbahb, The market is not irrational. This is a banal manipulation. The SAN has grown by more than 4000% without normal fixes. For example, look at the IOTA or EOS chart. I wonder how long this madness can grow. 10, 20, 50, 100, or 10,000 $
Phản hồi
The show goes on.
Phản hồi
Miykael kasx99
@kasx99, yeah it really is a manipulated response
Phản hồi
It seems nothing can't stop SAN.
Phản hồi
An evolving celebration of the absurd. You wrote my thoughts:)
Phản hồi
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