Siacoin Choppy Chop land

BITTREX:SCBTC   Siacoin / Bitcoin
Wow what a great run, another pump had hodlers at the edge of their seat in excitement. They thought it was a moon shot. The market appears to be bearish still as the bullrun gap becomes more and more narrow investors continue to be chopped . And this is no laughing matter. When #siacoin can barely hold 0.00000400 should we be celebrating ? We are on a slope , on a sled, going down. I assure you that I am unbiased, just like you, I want to make money. But I call a cat dog A CAT DOG not a DOG CAT

The problem as if now appears to be created on the sellers side, if you took a moment to look at the order book you would have an idea of what I mean. So much buying pressure is created, for what? Investors don't want in at these numbers, sellers are asking for way too much and for the market to really move it needs a lot of money. This money isn't going to be generated out of thin air like a cheap magic trick so for this to happen the supply needs to find a ground that meets the demand. So unless a few billion dollars comes in spontaneously and buys in at these levels we will continue to go downward to collect more money to move the market upward.
You don think its just mirroring the price of BTC? The charts are almost identical?
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SiaSun derronpocci
@derronpocci, Sounds like conspiracy
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@SiaSun, I knew trump was up to no good
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SiaSun derronpocci
@derronpocci, too funny
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