10-06-17 SLV Chart (by Got Goldies)

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Silver hit the line at $15.44 and now a huge buy signal sick appeared. :)
Excellent call on your primary count. I still think this will be a temporary move, maybe continuing for a number of days and then
dipping down to new range low, or close to that $14.40 range in December before taking off to new highs. Or by your emphatic sounding "huge buy signal", are you leaning towards take off now?
Not trying to be argumentative or sarcastic. Just careful. This last bounce looked reactive, not impulsive.
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luckylegs10 nycabman
@nycabman, Yeah this is it.. huge parabolic to $20+
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nycabman luckylegs10
@luckylegs10, I appreciate the response and chart. We shall see if the parabolic emerges, but I am patiently waiting it out before jumping on again. I need to see a more impulsive rise than what is currently happening. Another couple of days will show it or not. But agree, the set up is there, for it to happen now or soon. gl and I actually would be very happily surprised if your call is right on.
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luckylegs10 nycabman
@nycabman, the rationale is there is a parabolic after the 4th and 5th bottom. Its what I have discovered about charts.
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