XLM -- Stops and Longs

POLONIEX:STRBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
Today XLM             has taken a pretty good run, which means we have to get our stops in, and babysit the trade. I've shown my stop -- with an upward limit to let it run -- and a retrace accumulate to gain coins if we return to previous levels.

I still have a large fantasy buy in at 0.00003999 --- I have filled this same buy multiple times in the past. I have another fantasy buy in at 0.00004109 albeit quite a bit smaller.

Regards traders!

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Last night I took profit, just like every other night. Then I went in search of STR chart to see what the bear could see. Nuke this was almost a perfect chart. I love it when the coin goes where the TA says it will. My rentry order went in at 4590 and the trade is active. I'm looking for another bounce off resistance between 4900-5000 but we will see what happens here now that BTC just stood up 450$ in less then 25 minutes. We could see STR lower, but I'm hoping its decoupling for a rally. Good TA, love following you in chat even if I'm just lurking in the dark.
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Love the Chart, the way you describe where you are buying, how much and why is very helpful as I continue to learn and leave out the emotion and fomo. Thanks for the great work here. Fantasy buys, I have a few of those too, its great when they get filled. :)
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@Emmj, yes it is! Its important to have them. It keeps capital on the sidelines, so you can use it at appropriate times, and its great when they fill...instant money makers. I appreciate the kind words, I take that as a huge compliment anytime people are learning. Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
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dieterspahn108 PRO nukenowakowski
@nukenowakowski, just stumbled over your work. Not that much of attention by the community so far but this will surely change for sure. I like your friendly style. Will click through your tutorial work you are sharing with all of us.
Keep up the great work,

greetings from sunny Munich
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