Swarm City Token (SWT) Huge Potential (618%+ Profits Potential)

BITTREX:SWTBTC   Swarm City Token / Bitcoin
Here is a coin with huge potential, with every single requirement for our classic trades; extremely profitable yet very low risk trades. Let's start with the weekly chart, from all the way back to March 2017 until today, January 24th 2018, see what it looks like:

*** Swarm City Token (SWT) Trade Analysis by Alan Masters

>>> Indicators

- There is a lot of information on the chart above. In fact, there is so much information in such a simple chart, that someone without any knowledge of chart reading would be completely overwhelmed by the picture. Let me tell you a few things about it...
- The MACD is curving up and just crossed over, a bullish signal.
- The RSI is also looking very bullish , as well as the STOCH , DMI and OBV.
- There was a period of accumulation, which I can tell by looking at the period of positive divergence on the MACD . That is a signal that you get by seeing how the price is decreasing yet the MACD is increasing.
- After touching bottom around the 12th December 2017, the price has been going consistently up. This bottom wasn't tested since March 2017, that's nine months. So we are surely coming up from the bottom, my calculations say that next we go up.
- This coin chart wasn't really affected by the Bitcoin             correction, another good sign for a possible positive strong run in the near future.
- Plenty of many more signals to choose from, but this isn't necessary, we are ready to move on.
- The weekly chart is also looking very strong, with plenty of room for growth all across the board.

>>> Instructions

Buy-in: 0.00033 - 0.00047


(1) 0.000811
(2) 0.001111
(3) 0.001511
(4) 0.001911
(5) 0.002311

First major resistance: 0.00050

Stop-loss: 0.000235

>>> Message of Joy & Money

Can joy & money be mentioned in the same place?

Joy is something spiritual.

Money already has its fame.

But joy can get you money. And money can give you the tools needed to help you achieve joy in a certain way.

If you have joy you can use money. And if you have money, joy will do you well.

So Joy & Money is what I wish for you to have every single day.

Enjoy every single opportunity, at maximize profits every time you can.

Because you are really, really special, and know that... YOU...


Bình luận: Resistance after resistance being broken.
We are having a really good start.

1H Chart:
Bình luận: This trade is now breaking all expectations... and I love it.

Here is the 2h chart:

Giao dịch bắt đầu: After yesterday breakout, we are now on a retrace and consolidation.

The daily and weekly charts still show plenty of room for growth and we are still within our buy in range... So feel free to buy-in, re-buy and reload.

Here, take a quick look at the charts:

2h (retrace in action):

1d (bullish):

1w (plenty of room for growth):
Bình luận: Just reloaded on some SWT. Look at the 1h chart, take a close look at the indicators, they are turning bullish again... So it looks like the retrace is over and we are preparing for the next run:

1H Chart:
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Enjoy the ride... UP!

See you in 1 week.

4H chart:
Bình luận: Very good push for our SWT trade today. This puts us back within our buy-in range.

This is good, let's see how this goes. With the entire market going down, this can be a very nice push if the momentum keeps up.

Here is how the chart looks after the price increase on the daily chart; all the indicators are pointing upwards, this can be good if it holds:

For our other trades, we are still on this market wide correction and Bitcoin is looking for a strong support. We are patiently holding. This is ok, this is completely normal, we know that this is how things go.

Thanks you for your support.

Giao dịch bắt đầu: Our SWT trade has been moving, back and forth, even with this Bitcoin correction.

Looking at the charts now, it is looking bullish, looks like it wants to have a run up.

The charts still need some work, but the short term ones are performing nicely.

I am keeping a close eye to see what develops next.

Feel free to buy-in, rebuy and reload.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Good momentum building up on the 1h chart, SWT is pushing up strong.

Here is the 1h chart:
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Please provide update.
Phản hồi
If u look at 3d chart on bittrex ,is like swarm will still go down to like 0.00013 .I am hoping to take a short there bc this trade is really good
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
Well, I just bought in. I will closely watch the SL level, but I like what i see across the charts (30 min to 1 day)
Phản hồi
Any updates on this coin? Getting close to stop-loss.
+3 Phản hồi
Its safe to buy-in now?
Phản hồi
koektrommel nelsonadpa
@nelsonadpa, bought in, in buy-in range, but went down hard after. Think it will go up again. Big sell wall slowing up things though.
Phản hồi
Is possible do you check LMC ? Please...tks!
Phản hồi
alanmasters TOP Claus_Haertel
@Claus_Haertel, Looks like it is ready for another run.
Phản hồi
Instead of this correction phase AUR is doing good, please update that coin, will it go again for correction or will it rise , what's the probability ??
Phản hồi
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