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TRX is moving in a triangle - Expect a continuation of the trend

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People expected news during the livestream from Mr. Sun (i don't know why they did that), which caused a huge price drop right after the stream.
I wasn't expecting any announcement until next week, so i sold at 0.00001280 BTC and rebought during the dip at 0.00000850 BTC .

We stabilized above 0.00001000 BTC and currently moving in a triangle.
The volume is still pretty high and with the upcoming announcement of the addition on 2 further exchanges and the announcement of major partnership(s) next week and also the coinburn, i'm expecting TRX to have another ride to at least ATH (0.00002056 BTC ) within a week. Chinese people won't stop pumping this coin to where it belongs, as TRX is quite undervalued in my opinion.

This one was pretty easy to trade. Mr. Sun didn't say anything about a new announcement befor the stream. It's just something that people wanted to hear. Those who exit their trade should be the ones who bought at the top. That's how crypto works.

Tron is a huge project with a very professional team. Do yourself a favor and just hold! You won't regret it, i promise!
Bình luận: I was doing the chart on an iPad and i'm not a native english speaker :-)
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Watch the 0.00001000 BTc level for a small short, just in case it doesn't bounce from there
Bình luận: support at 0.00001000 BTC broken, watch for 0.00000950 BTC
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: DON'T SELL! the market is just to volatile to judge any further price movement. I'll leave the charts for a day and enjoy the sunny weather. Market has to calm down a bit.
What about the Reddit controversy about the 6 billion sold coins?
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aresary SuperBowlDave
@SuperBowlDave, fake news. Mr. Sun is an expert, even though some people are pissed he did'nt announce something special so they can take exit their trade with profit instead auf loss. Why would he smash his own coin in the beginning of the market cycle? Tron will probably reach 0.50$ pretty soon. After the pump of Cardano and Verge everyone is connecting a fast rise of the price with scam and pump scheme.
Tron is one of the top projects out there. I recommend you to not visit reddit regarding your investments. A place full of shilling and fudding, which probably cause you to panic sell at any point.
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@aresary, Thanks. I know Sun addressed the controversy. It's still a bit confusing because it appears 6 billion was sold.
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aresary SuperBowlDave
@SuperBowlDave, yes it is. but nobody talks about how much coins being bought. just ignore this fact :-)
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KartikKhattar SuperBowlDave
@SuperBowlDave, "Reddit", there's your answer
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Good words, Good work!
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