Where Tronix (TRX) will breakout

Expecting Tronix to bounce it's 50 day EMA (currently at 0.00000523) as it has done in the past and breakout on the upside due to triangle formation. Set an alert for this and watch Tron             keep an eye on Tron             once it hits this area. Watch volume and RSI after 50 EMA hit to know when breakout about to happen. My first chart publish, i could have added more like the triangle formation and the different upsides and all that jazz i know. So i put it as neutral as its still headed more down though not much more really before it starts rising up. So short term down over next few days to a week and then expect a good upside :)
Bình luận: Just thought i'd help those who may find my chart does not make sense to the due to its simplicity and lack of elaboration into the whole chart. Watch this beginner to intermediate youtube video and should teach you a thing or 2 ;)
Giao dịch bắt đầu: It seems TRX has not help the support level it previously held and continues on a downward trend despite being listed on a new exchange and this usually gives coins kick in value. But i cannot say i am surprised as the mother of crypto bitcoin went below a critical level resistance yesterday as we all so and so majority of alts are more or less following this route.

This has gone beyond healthy correction now and this has been too much FUD added onto correction and so its a waiting game now. There is Elliot Wave being looked at with crypto market, more in depth tech analysis to be considered if crypto market will fall back on as opposed to simple averages.

Also more FUD with tether pumping bitcoin to shoot up as it did in the past 2 months. What i will say is, bitcoin has broken its most critical simple moving average a few times before and has always bounced back greater. I believe this is one of those times and until we see a real recovery, alt coin market will be mostly downtrend for the most part.

I am not phased however and believe market will get back on track and until then. Collective positive thinking is key to how soon market will recover because tech analysis was formed via human psychology and reactions and there is people's reaction to FUD that gears them toward how they trade.

For now, stay tuned and believe all will be well! Think Warren Buffett, specifically his story wit coca cola in respect to the crypto market right now. If you do not know Warren, i suggest googling him. Very inspirational individual to exist in my opinion and a great person to at during these times. :)
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