TRON looking BEARish

After completing it's FIB wedge today from intial spike TRON took a dip, revealing a new all time low since intitial spike. This indicates to me we're in a slow blead out with trend lines indicating rate of decline till it fines baseline support as indicated in chart. WELL THAT WAS A FUN RIDE!
Bình luận: This post really needs a lot more attention. I feel like all the other post on TRON are 100% optimistic and ignoring all the BEAR signs.
much appreciated
Phản hồi
Your voice is heard. I agree with you.
Phản hồi
Just to clarify, are you saying it will significantly drop below the 800-900 point?
Phản hồi
RomoMahbob Jmason222
@Jmason222, 740 now
+1 Phản hồi
Tron looking like XVG 2.0.
Phản hồi
mezase Miller23
@Miller23, Nah, there's an actual company and dev team behind this
+1 Phản hồi
@mezase, Meh.. Wraith was announced yesterday.. might see good things from them in 2018
Phản hồi
dtcobra22 aCourtesySniff
@aCourtesySniff, Didn't do much for it though. It's already back down to where it was before the release lol. GL to them though.
Phản hồi
mezase dtcobra22
@dtcobra22, Yeah I think people just used this pump to sell out quickly who knows though it might revive again
Phản hồi
@mezase, Everything comes back eventually I find in Crypto, and a lot sooner than expected.
Phản hồi
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