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TRX settling at 0.00000700-0.00000750 level

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TRX has currently settled at around 750 satoshi's level or 0.00000750 BTC .
This is a strong support level , however, the price has been congesting here and doesn't seem to be showing any signs of bullishness.

I expect it to go lower before it goes up. The price should either bounce off of 0.00000750 or it should quickly dip below 0.00000700 and then go up.
In absolutely worst case scenario I would expect TRX to slip as low as 0.00000435 and then go up from there.

However, more likely than not this will happen when more money will come in crypto markets as currently, we are on a temporary decline or retracement.

There has been a lot of good news coming recently in regards to TRX that it is hard to imagine that it won't go up. These include:

partnership with Baofeng ( 200 million users )
announcement expected with space innovative company
NASDAQ listed companies looking for partnerships
new senior developers joining the team

On the way up to reach new all-time highs, there are two insignificant resistance levels, one at 0.00000950 and the other one at 0.00001307. These should be overcome with ease. If there is any resistance at all, then it will be caused by selling off at current all-time high at 0.00002047.

I predict that once the money starts flowing in the whales will push the price to at least 1 USD mark if not higher. It would have happened already if all these news were released 2 weeks ago.

Bình luận: Ignore that TRON, it was supposed to be TRX, didn't know it will create a link
Seems reasonable. If I may ask, on what grounds do you assume that they will push it exactly 1$ and when do you think it will reach 1$?
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ArmandsTrencis CryptoBlake
@CryptoBlake, 1 $ mark would be just a psychological level where profit taking would occur initially. There is quite a lot of market capital needed to push the price of TRX because of the number of coins they have.
To get to 1 $ mark you need about 60 bln. That increase is possible based on how strong TRX is fundamentally. But I don't think it will go much higher just because of the massive amount of market cap needed to drive the price. So, 1 $ mark is near-term max. Then some capital will be taken out and then we can look at what can happen next. But, I would also like BTC to start moving up, this will give a further boost and confidence for investors.
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