TRON (TRX/BTC) looking VERY scary, short soon!

TRON             has been going up many 1000s% recently, but it is becoming more and more scary that such a large correction has not been met with an almost equally large price jump from the next part of Elliott's Wave Cycle (B). In my opinion this shows lack of confidence in price, even if there is a pullback, I don't think it is enough to keep the train going...

I also noticed that this pattern would make a perfect head and shoulders so moving into the rectangle , I would assume that there would be a lot of indecisiveness among traders, but most likely a sideways/slightly bearish pattern would follow. Only then would I possibly advise calling TRX             a smart investment.

Best of luck!
Bình luận: Update: I was almost 100% right, but I understated just how bearish the pattern would be after finishing the neckline.. Well either way hopefully some of you listened, this is not the worst to come IMO!
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hindog syria3all
@syria3all, I wish you listened to me.
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@hindog, I think same is happening now with PAC coin Next cheap coin that would get pumped and dumped
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lamustata viparmenia
@viparmenia, what do you think for the next days, I bought at 0,18$ ... around 1110 Satoshi... wait one or two days?!
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viparmenia lamustata
@lamustata, yes wait one day and if will go below 900 sell to limit possible lose as of then it could fall to 500
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lamustata viparmenia
@viparmenia, great thx, good luck
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This is eerie similar to the other side...yikes!
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TRX is purly speculative coin and correction below psycological levels in this case 1000 satoshi could result to crush as of there is no any basis community ready to invest into TRX just because they believe to technology behind.

There is no technology behind, just a Ripple clone Made in China and based on Etherum with almost no any innovative implementation or use case in real economy.
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hindog viparmenia
@viparmenia, Exactly, which is why the graph was so easy to explain
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