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Making perfect sense.... I put these out because

Ive watched Tron since inception and called the night before they 10x!!! Have been obsessed with the chart!! I had to figure out this last 3 wave..... Ive cloned the 1 for 1 but never saw enough action to make sense.... when i counted its the exact 1 for 1 length and the 1-2 was super short 2.618 3rd and extended 5th. Other possibility is we move up for 1 more wave but I am not 100 percent sure and will allow the market to tell me..... What do we already know wave 3 bare minimum hit 1 to 1 extention of wave 1..... which means wave 5 will be extended and there is very little retrace room. Wave 4 shouldn't breach gold line on my chart which is end of 5th wave on wave 1. We bounced off the 236 already and seem to have to bounce off the 382.... if that is the case we will explode off the 382 into an extended 5th wave!!!!! GET EXCITED. Also from inception waves 3 4 and 5 are very close together in time. On a larger scale we are in wave 3 already and need to hit 1750 to 2300 to go 1 for 1. We could possibly have 1 more wave up to give us a little room for the 4th wave. I love these tight plays because they are for 1 FASTER. 2 Predictable
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Im in
Bình luận: back out i believe its a B
Bình luận:
Any updates? Been following your posts all day
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savenido earthlyescape
@earthlyescape, We hit 1 for 1 which every trader knows extended 5th. With 4 wave not being able to cut into wave 1 much that would mean it will jump from .382 or earlier..... extention targets are up.... last time we did this exact move....
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So where do you think c will end?
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@Tp31989, Assuming the 382
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ok im out as well
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Lol I was just about to ask you if your in. I was about to sell. The rsi looks really overbought . So if I understand you correctly the wave in December was the one wave. If this is the three wave then a 1 to 1 would be 1700 to 2500. Im a newb so sorry for the newby qeustions. Do I use the trend based fib extension to get that target?
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