TRX/BTC, Looks Like a Price Action Upwards is Ahead.

Hey! I am back with yet another chart.

This time again on Tron, last chart looked pretty green followed by BTC             fall, so now is in the RED way.

On this chart you can see a lot of lines and text.. obviously, but no all the red lines are support/ressist lines.
The lines are points where price should stop for a while went some % down, and if got some good Volume can follow its path higher.

Buy - 410 sat, wait for a MACD confirmation.
My target - Around 666, when it will be in this Range I will check RSI and MACD , Fib says its ok target!
Gamble Target - 880 sat (Not recommended)

Descending Triangle can end up going both ways, up or down. Thats why I have a stop loss.

Stop loss - 370 sat.
So what more to say, I guess everything important is in the Text in the chart.
One last thing, Good luck trading!

If my Chart helped you consider dropping a like or leave me your opinion, Thanks!

Bình luận:
Closer look on what are looking for in the White Circle.
Bình luận: Looks like we are on our way!
Bình luận:
Nice bullish Flag.
Phản hồi
TiborVrbovsky martinfugarte
@martinfugarte, still the same, around 666.
Phản hồi
WAAAAY to much on one chart. My opinion. Thanks tho
Phản hồi
@MoneyRight, Somebody may found that much info usefull, but thanks for opinion, I will the next one more simple.
Phản hồi
MoneyRight TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, everything is right youre saying there. Maybe u should label it with numbers to get a better overview. Dont know where to start
Phản hồi
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