Something is cooking!!!

What's up everyone it's the crypto watcher here and today we're going to talk about the TRX/BTC             .
So, you know the market has suffered a lot of instability because of FUD, whales etc. Now we can see a slight recovery which mean that we can trust TA.
As you can see the patterns does not lie. You can see that the tend-lines meet each other at the exact same day the BTC             started the big bearish move. Although we all wanted to see a different result there are forces that are bigger than us (the common trader) lol.
It seems to be that the bearish BTC             made TRX/BTC             a head and shoulders patters which relay on the down tend-line but still doesn’t break the support line (0.0000382) which mean that TRX/BTC             as a coin has a "strong spine" which the BTC             didn’t break.

All we know for now is that as you can see:

1. TRX/BTC             broke the head and shoulders pattern.
2. TRX/BTC             broke the tend-line (finally).
3. TRX/BTC             have touched the MA 25 which signals us that if it will break it, we will start see a bullish movement.

1. TRX/BTC             is still far away from the MA 50 and from the 25th of January this line is blocking the bullish tendency.
2. Volume is too small to make a big change.
3. We have passed most of the big announcement of TRX/BTC             but because of the fact BTC             was bearish they haven’t made any impact.


Something is going to happen, I see some bullish signs but who can know, and in my opinion TRX/BTC             is undervalued so I call it long till the coin burn at the 31th of March.

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btc could crash tonight and will pull tron down...
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RoyMC dfeener
@dfeener, Yeah sure and also North Korea can start a WWIII but no ones know this TA is base on the idea the the BTC is starting positives recovery signs.
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@RoyMC, im a Hugh tron a matter of fact im holding 100k but tron is being controlled by the bots...
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RoyMC dfeener
@dfeener, If you want you can see also my BTC analysis which by now is accurate.
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