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Tesla short-seller, please fasten your seat belt!

What has happened lately?

Many analysts keep saying that CRASH from Tesla and Elon Musk ahead. But until now, these forecasts are not true, quite the opposite, the short sellers have to pay again and again.

Now many "naysayers" focus on the Model 3 and interpret in the weak start of production the downfall. However, one should not overlook the record sales of the established S and X models. Here again new standards were set.
Expressed in numbers: In the months of October, November and December 2017 could therefore be delivered 29,870 vehicles. Of these, 15,200 were for the Model S, 13,120 for the Model X, and 1,550 for the Model 3.

Then there's the brand new Tesla truck. Adam Jonas, an analyst with Morgan Stanley , quoted an Instagram post from a landscaping company showing his reservation number of EO00000001230. Is it possible that Tesla could have sold more than 1,000 of the expensive Founders Series Limited Edition Truck here as well?

The solar and battery sectors will also be interesting for the shareholders at the planned meeting of the "Financial Results" for the fourth quarter and the year 2017, mid-February 2018. Is there any opportunity for further growth here?

Analyst Romit Shah of the investment house Instinet continues to issue a buy recommendation for the shares of Tesla Inc . The Instinet analysts express their optimism for improving Model 3 production. Analyst Romit Shah continues to assume that Tesla Inc . will achieve sales growth of more than 100% in 2018.

Instinet stock analysts continue to rate the stock as "buy" with a price target of $ 500.00 in their Tesla stock analysis.

What say the technical analysis methods I use?
Oscillator: RSI from Tesla Inc . rises again from the oversold zone!

Price indicator: The SMA200 was outbid on January 8, 2018 at around $331 in a 6 percent buying storm (see green candle in the chart)!

The Bollinger bands are still neutral.

Trend indicator: The MACD was able to find a low at the beginning of January. Is it going back to the positive zone?

That strong support of $290 - $300 has been constant in the past, and even now, support could be provided by the chart's yellow circle in the GAP.

The drawn GAP (yellow circle in the chart) and the SMA200 could both be closed on January 8 (see yellow circle in chart / blue SMA200). This could subsequently become a new strong support.

The risk management tool used here is the own-developed “Traffic Signals System” ( TSS ) and it will be implemented in my future analyses.

The black line in the chart: the starting price of the idea is 336.84 US-Dollar.
The red line in the chart: stop-loss is set at 322 US-Dollar (-4.40% risk from the start of the idea). This is below the SMA 200 and in the GAP (yellow circle).

The green line in the chart: here about 347 US-Dollar and subsequently at about 360 US-Dollars and then at the all-time high at about 390 US dollars, the next turning points.

Is Tesla the future or doomed?
The future will show where the journey will end up. But currently there seems to be a strong movement in the direction to the north again.

Start of the idea: $336.84
Recent stock price: $336.84 (+0,00% from the Start of the idea)
Stop-Loss of the idea: $322 (-4.40% from the Start of the idea)
Take Profit of the idea: $500 (the maximum price)
This idea has been running since January 9, 2018

If you like this idea, you are welcome to follow me here. I am happy to share my ideas with you.

Sincerely yours,
Ritschy Dobetsberger

"The trading ideas published here are neither to be understood as a recommendation nor as an offer or an invitation to buy or sell financial instruments and should not be understood as such.

You must also assume that the author holds the recommended position in his portfolio and benefits from the implementation of his trading ideas."
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