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When Value Meets Price

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A company valued at future valuation, no profits and burning cash like rocket fuel . This is the story, there is nothing wrong with an overvalued company, or a company priced at future valuation. The problem comes when it deviates from its target and the vision of the future is altered by events in the present that may threaten that future.

Two key factors are making the market rethink about this valuation, first the "Late" prefix Elon has been using for deliveries, releases and target numbers. And the second is an extremely technified Model X. Model X is way beyond what the customers need, and that is not all, a customer may accept additional features if he or she is willing to pay the price for it, but what is unforgivable is that it doesn't have basic features like folding seats as requested by customers and not making the "Fancy" features optional.

There are customers who even though they were patiently waiting for the model X release, they're cancelling their reservations based on the fact that the signature Model X doesn't fit their needs and the availability will of one that does could be "late" sometime in the future.

A bad timing for Model X release. An uncertain market, correction, Chinese, crisis, strong dollar and a pricey tag. With this scenario, Tesla will hardly shake off the heavy Bear paw that's been chasing it for a while.

Someone compared Model X with the 58 Edsel ... only time will tell. but if Elon doesn't focus in delivering a product the customer wants model X could be the next Edsel.
Definitely good points about the premium features he is forcing on buyers and the lack of folding seats. The price of the Model-X is much higher than expected, but the base model is supposed to be just $5000 more than the S. Originally, they had thought it would be less than the S. That was the plan. I have a reservation early in line, so I am speaking from experience. I have driven the P85D too. It's a remarkable car. And the car is not comparable to the ugly Edsel. If anything, people will shift their Model-X order back over to the Model-S.
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32no timwest
It was never the plan for the Model X to cost more than the Model S. It was always said that the Model X would be a platform derivative of the Model S and will command a premium because it is a bigger car.
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