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UKOIL is back Watch for flag on 15 minute

FX:UKOIL   CFDs Dầu thô (Brent)
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Hi fellows, OIL is bouncing back very hard on lower time frame for Perfect entry and stop placement watch for flag on lower time frame and watch for buy on 15 minute time frame. So far price has not violated the longer term structure price still running in the channel and bouncing back from the trend line . For perfect Entries follow my updates. Good Luck fellows.
Bình luận: This is how you can buy the oil on bottom on lower time frame.if price close below this impulse then reasons to but gonna change in other words buy setup gonna change the pattern formation.As long as price gonna stay above the impulse our buy setup remain valid and intact any close below the impulse on lower time frame will change the pattern formation. Then we will watch another impulse on lower time frame. I hope this information will help a lot of people. Here is the update. Good Luck fellows.
Bình luận: TCP forming Keep eyes on it fellows.
Bình luận: If price start to fall sharply then watch the bottom of the impulse
Bình luận: Breaking. In case price do not continue and reverse back into the retracement area of impulse then we will look for buy again.
Bình luận: So far so good doing well and enjoy the trade and have a great weekend. this trade has a huge potential good luck fellows.
Bình luận: Price has broken the up trend and back in retracement area. If you are not in then watch for another wave down and then look for upside.
Bình luận: Watch for buy at bottom trend line.
Bình luận: Watch for breakout
Bình luận: Watch Oil closely today fellows.
Bình luận: Breaking watch for continuation fellows.
Bình luận: Watch the trend line fellows. Watch for breakout of the flat channel. In case price breakdown i will look for but on 50 Percent retracement area of the impulse
Bình luận: Watch breakout. I hope in coming week we will get a strong breakout on OIL.
Bình luận: So far OIL is doing and excellent job. Watch for another TCP fellows. Remember In case price break down the trend line then it may put the price back in the corrective area on bigger time frame like 4 HRS and if so we will reanalyse that 4 hr formation. Her is the update
Bình luận: Watch this flag it is coming close to the trend again.
Bình luận: So finally price extend the bottom and holding the bottom perfect. Now watch for Breakout. So far Oil is doing an excellent job. In case price breakdown the trend start to fall dont worry you have made already lot of money now take off on break even if it hits you on break even. I am anticipating breakout today. Remember we are coming close to the TRP point which means The trend is losing the momentum. Here is the update fellows.
Bình luận: Excellent job by OIL. Watch previous top. If it is not going to break that top then it is going to change the pattern formation fellows. Look for Trend continuation no further buying on breakout. only look for buy if it test the trend line
Bình luận: Oil is doing an excellent job. Buying on breakout is risk ya if you did not buy at bottom them watch for the bottom again. Those fellows who are already in the buy side watch for breakout fellows. Here is the update and enjoy the OIL.
Bình luận: Breaking watch for continuation. So far it is doing and excellent job. Remember we are getting close to the target so trend is losing its strength so carefully buy on current price. No buying on breakout.
Bình luận: So far doing good watch for another TCP.
Bình luận: So far Oil is doing an excellent job watch for another TCP for further upside. We have still some room for upside. Remember Breakout possible. Enjoy your Trade fellows. Here is the update.
Bình luận: We can see price has broken down with strong impulse. Bullish wave was amazing. Now look for bearish wave. If you are still in the bullish side then look for exit on the TCP and then look for sell. Here we got the update.
Bình luận:

Great work, sir! Any update?
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
Hello my mate, Do you have any update on Oil? It is going down dramatically!
Phản hồi
Where to go. Will I be back
Phản hồi
Look like make or break here. UKOIL broke beneath the trend line on the 15m. It tried taking it back but so far has bumped its head on that same trend line (now above).
Phản hồi
DS77 DS77
@DS77, sorry... that should read the 60m , not 15m.
Phản hồi
Brilliant update. Oil has been giving us lots of opportunities.
Phản hồi
Wave-Trader senejani.ali
@senejani.ali, LOL people busy in 12345 and ABC hahaha
+1 Phản hồi
senejani.ali Wave-Trader
@Wave-Trader, oh those are just nonsense stuff that we traders put on a chart to confuse ourselves hahahaha
I've been there and those stuff do not work. Support and resistance doesn't work, butterfly, EWs and the rest are just useless stuff that do not work in real trading.
Patterns is what we need focus on and you have aced it with your charts that patterns do work.
Phản hồi
Wave-Trader senejani.ali
@senejani.ali, lol hahahahahahahahah You are doing well mate. I know you are a committed person with your work Keep moving mate.
+1 Phản hồi
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