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USDJPY next to a bearish momentum: SELL 1 week trade time

FX:USDJPY   Đô la Mỹ / Yên Nhật
Hi everyone,
I was looking at USDJPY this morning and after a technical analyse i got at the conclusion that a bearish momentum is near. I think that looking at 1D chart without any indicator or draw tools would be even enough to understand the near massacre of the bull-minds traders.
Anyway i could be wrong... :
The market could have a pullback on S3 pp or un S1... this area will be very protected by the buyers... a lot of people will see an opportunity to buy here, hopping in the retrecement and that a bullish trend will start. I have the trendline T1 to protect my trade and also R3 pp ( you can see them on the chart ).
Anyway, if i'll a bullish trend starting ( if it's gonna break T1 and after it'll have a test ceiling on the trendline ) i could also change the trade swiping in a long. I hope this is not gonna happen.
As i said you first the main points were i could change the position are:
1) test ceiling on T1
2) pullback on S3 pp or S1 ( are quite near, you can see them on the chart also )
This trade is weekly trade ( more or less ) but using this analyse i'll also open Couwntdowns and Binary Options positions. My gains are 90% from this ones but i can't publish the entries and exits of this trades due to the slowly tool that is this idea chat. But, if you're interested in Couwntdowns and BO options or interested in the upgrade of my trade, write me in p.m. without any problem... I would be happy to help you at any question.
I hope this trade will help you,
Delta B.
Still keeping the trade, what about you guys ?
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Neewmann The_Shipwrecked
@The_Shipwrecked, thanks for your insight. I am still USDJPY short.
Phản hồi
@Neewmann, hey man, i just swept to long. the short one i closed it with a little of profit
Phản hồi
Hi guys, i'm still keeping the short position. It seems still bearish, what about you ?
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