Crude Oil Elliot Wave Idea

An update to previous ideas which became invalid with wave 4 crossing wave 1 (6500 was invalidation point).

Possibly an ABC now with C reaching 1.618 of A wave.

A note to the naysayers...If I am wrong I won't stop posting ideas and theories (as someone claimed on a comment on a previous idea). Imagine if everyone on Trading View simply stopped sharing ideas if they were wrong...
I think your content has merit and value keep posting. I do think that 'c' isn't done imho. reason being I see 2/7-2/8 as a bearish pennant leading to a subsequent flag pole down to .382 fib. I would look at a bounce off MA's, and RSI for confirmation at the .382 fib if it goes there. It might be doing a head fake dipping below your purple trend line and your hypothesis would be correct. if it isn't a head fake .382 is definitely the next stop.
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Joseph_King therancher
@therancher, Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.
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great chart, good call! congrats
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An update please. As this is entering into $58-62 area where it could bounce to $68+
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@dding, I've bought at 6150 but not sure this is done moving down. If it goes lower I'll trying buying again around $58 as per this idea >
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dding Joseph_King
@Joseph_King, thank you. My thoughts exactly afraid to put foot in RN if market retest lows this could break below $60.
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ignore that guy bro
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Your thoughts are very important on how you see the flow of charting. Keep posting for helps those how don't see it. If others use someone's else idea then it is not there's and if it fails that's why they blame someone else.

The main reason they don't want to put in the work , just want someone to blame.

Thank you keep posting.

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You are a very good trader with a professional approach, and I follow you on
the investing forum.
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100pc mate. All ideas valid until the ticker proves otherwise.
Thanks for sharing pal.
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