Ven, can it breakout and touch 75000 sats?

The price trading above the 100 EMA and 200 EMA in 4 hrs , gaining the support can take push the price above the triangle.

The breakout can bring in more buyers to trade the pattern which can push the price upto 75000 sats .

One can trade the range of the triangle by buying at 49000 sats and selling at 53000 sats , once broken above the triangle hold for more targets.
A simple chart pattern is enough to take the trade, than complex indicators.

All you need is volume , support and resistance levels.
Bình luận: Two ginormous cryotocurrency events are scheduled for the 26th of February this year. The first is the scheduled release of Litepay in 41 countries including the U.S, China, Japan, U.K and Germany. The second is the re-branding of VeChain (VEN).
Bình luận: Today, my followers have made 125%, Join the TG, not all the calls are discussed here.

Crypto Signals,
ETC - 25%
RDD - 35%
LTC - 10%
ZCL - 15% (saved )
VEN - 20%
THC - 10%
115% profit in a day.

Crypto Signals,
RDN missed 10% up, - 125% up. Friends, enjoy.
Hope this is actually the validated news and not the fake fork again. Many ideas projected over 50% profits like ETC, VEN, ZCL etc within four weeks, what matters is which one has the highest %.
Phản hồi
thanks for your idea, on binance it has gone up to 57000 sats. Did we break the triangle? Good idea to buy in?
Phản hồi
Great TA, thank you.
Phản hồi
Thanks for time taken on this TA.
Regarding your last update: that explains a great probability of breakout?
Phản hồi
maheswar81 benbugohit
@benbugohit, yes.
Phản hồi
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