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VIB Viberate Bullish Breakout 100% LONG EZ PZ

BITTREX:VIBBTC   Viberate / Bitcoin
Very undervalued coin with a ton of room to grow in terms of market cap.
High volume .
I think 100% is a conservative estimate of where this coin can go in the near future.

MAC D about to cross over on 4 Hr chart = Bullish
Bullish Pennant on 4 hour graph = STRONK

BUY IN: <3500

I don't have any targets yet but I am hodling for now. Feel free to take profits whenever you feel happy with your gains!

Do your own research before buying this coin. I am not an expert and this is only an idea of mine.

If you would like to tip me with some of your earnings:

My VIB Wallet: 0xff56c8eabdc4cbb0e07b81111523ef07e4538d62
My BTC Wallet: 1JWGq6YWoENLK1nrRRtCUQeARcod78Za37
My LTC Wallet: LTddysmLQr1v1wusHgDG4CLjeSsJ1FQbUZ
My ETH Wallet: 0x1676ae4c42028fc1a4e6fc6338e677337d7fdc6c
Bình luận: VIB really wants out!! LET'S GO!!!
Bình luận: This coin still looks very healthy despite the recent BTC push. Positive divergence on the 1 day chart as the floor continues to rise.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: Trade closed. Mac D on 4hr doesn't look good. Volume tailed off on daily chart. I will revisit this coin and keep an eye on it for another entry point later.
Bình luận: Ignore the arrow on the last screenshot. The arrow should be pointing down! https://www.tradingview.com/chart/iv2lPA...
Bình luận:
Bình luận: 1 day chart showing RSI with lower highs and the Mac D has rolled over to the negative. We will revisit this trade later.
Bình luận: Another update on this coin: If you trade this coin, trade at your own risk. I will take my measly 2% gain and move to another more established coin.
Bình luận: Updating this post. I can't believe I was looking at the 5 minute chart and thought I was looking at the 1 day chart. This coin still looks really good and I re-opened a position on this coin to LONG. Sorry for the rookie mistakes. *facepalm*
Thanks for the chart. Would love an update if you get the chance. Much appreciated!
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yankee3313 bmbrett
@bmbrett, trade still active. This coin has a lot of potential.
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