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Volkswagen – after the market rout

I wanted to take a look at a stock that I actually have been admiring for some time. Namely, since 2015. After the diesel scandal it was an amazing bargain. However, I did not buy the stock at that time. I had one simple reason for that. – I was pi**poor and paying for my master’s degrees.

So... the stock bounced back in my sights and was actually one of the first ones that i meddled with. Although, after a quick in and out in October I forgot about it.

I will not bother you with the fundamentals, but just make a small list:
• Audi
• Volkswagen
• Skoda
• Seat
• Bentley
• Bugatti
• Lamborghini – This company takes the crypto profits
• Porsche
• Ducati
• Scania
• Man

And that is just the vehicle business.

Technicals are like this.. You take into acount the stuff after the fundamentally massive diesel scandal.

If you connect the historical higher low levels as a support and the recent high with the high of the first session after the drop, which was caused by the diesel scandal, one gets a massive scale channel up pattern. (Yellow lines, zoom out)

Since September the stock has surged in a medium sale ascending pattern, which reached the upper trend line of the dominant pattern. (Blue lines)

After the rebound I started speculating, where the new medium term trend might be located. That is why you can observe the blue channel down pattern. However, its resistance for now is purely speculative from my side.

The purple lines represent the most junior pattern that can be properly observed on the daily chart . It represents the decline of the stock price and its eventual finding of support. You can see that the price has not passed the resistance of that junior channel.

However, if the bullish scenario occurs, and the stock resumes the surge properly, as it can be seen forecasted on the media today, we will see the people’s cart stock move higher until it reaches the speculated blue resistance.

Meanwhile, the support of the still active blue channel, which represented the surge that occurred since September (this sentence is the reason why we use charts to show not tell) will possibly keep the stock price up.

Yours sincerely
Bình luận: Still in the same borders. However, I wanted to post an update to show something.

Look at how the stock is being scared away by the upper trend line of the purple trend even before approaching it. I think that it is due to the European stocks in general following the US trends.

From a technical perspective - European stocks aren't that strong.

From a fundamental perspective - European large players, aren't going to do anything before seing what the big money in the US does during its session.

So the moves are up and down and with much lower volatility.

Bình luận: Broke out, but disapointed me today. Because after the break out it returned to look for the support in that line and is actually red in my books now.

Bình luận:
Bình luận: The support got passed today. The previous blue one can be considered as broken. I will review the smaller scale situation later on.

Bình luận: Since nobody comments, this is my personal journal now!

However, if anyone is interested, I can explain what the hell I am doing with VW.

Bình luận: If that blue support get passed, a small short might do wonders.

Bình luận:
Bình luận:
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