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Moment of truth for Valeant VRX

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This image explains better than words what has happened. For the future: above the trendline is a positive sign, below it may get another downtrend. 18.50/18.10 doble resitence yesterday we had pull back up of prices at that level. Let's see what will happen this week as this is crucial level.
Own this one. Hope we bounce, this pick has done well for me lately.
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Dario1987 TheGush
@TheGush, for me as wel, I could not imagine such downtrend in the latest days, I knew that was overpriced but I did not expect such speed. Now down rating is incorporeted in the price and the solid resistence should work. Stop loss shuold be put closely, but I am confident in turnaround. February is key for the Q4...let's see...
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TheGush Dario1987
@Dario1987, yes- well- it wasn’t so much VRX as it was the whole market. I didn’t see the market slump coming in the past week either. In response to potential interest rate hikes, I hear? Oh well. Things happen. We’ll be back soon.
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