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WTC Studying the Cup.. Adding more Suffixes

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
As if it wasn´t mad enough out there this fine 2018 in the cryptosphere.. We have decided to add some more fud to our nomenclature over here at heartbeats..

so Ill break these three down..

Heartbeat Lightning Bolt Left Side Axis Cross, n shaped volume overall with a Buy candle max (remember we are Heikin Ashi here) and a U volume distribution between the max and the min price..

...... Descending volume overall with overall max volume on Buy candle U volume distribution between the max and min price with Buy candle maxing volume and buy and then sell max volume candles reading left to right..

... Mighty Mouse (reflection in time of a Heartbeat) Lightning Bolt Right axis Xross with capital N shaped volume distribution overall with Buy max and a U shaped volume between max and min prices which has a Buy max volume and a Sell then a Buy reading left to right..

Happy Days !!
Bình luận: The deathly bites' flatline ensues!! This is gonna get interesting heartbeaters!!
Bình luận: Large beats like this can be followed by bwfs (tiny and tall) or monster beats..
Are you some kind of troll or
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Benjamix SoundTheory
@SoundTheory, I´m deadly serious !
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Benjamix Benjamix
I´ll be less cryptic.. basically I have designed a brilliant and awesome technique of trading volatile markets.. and it is very systematic and is based around ancient pattern of human collective and of course science ! All wrapped up within the last few months we heartbeaters have made exceptional progress in both our gains and our documentation.. Basically our current gains minimum gain 35% a month with USD and 100% bitcoin. but that needs to be lifted to 300% USD...
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SoundTheory Benjamix
@Benjamix, You're not being less cryptic. Just say in simple words what do you think WTC/BTC's price could do in your opinion... I think those names are ridiculous.
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Benjamix SoundTheory
Go study something else, it's a free world.. I have documented everything if you read all my posts from the start.. I have tagged them, you only have to take the time..

The idea is that they are ridiculous / nonsensical, so we remember them faster, not all of us have photographic memories but memory pegging using nonsensical story and words helps us develop one...

We bet bullish on Black Mamba Bites, so depending how things go you can buy at levels (DCA) at each fib or fixed percentage below the axis (0.5 fib) level and sell on each fib or fixed percentage above the axis..

Basically remember the axis.. it is super magnetic ! i.e. it is a milestone and will be visited various times in the coming month..

My two satoshi as they say haha !

Have fun and best of luck !
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SoundTheory Benjamix
@Benjamix, Thanks for your input. And I have no idea how could something like "HLBLXDBUBBS", "HLBLXnBUSBS" and "PVMMLBRXNBUBSB" be easier to remember than a regular name. I mean 2 of those have pretty much the same letters, yet they mean different things.
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Benjamix SoundTheory
@SoundTheory, it's easy to remember for a visual mind. It only takes training. The first letters on the left are key. The suffixes are for more accurate volume distribution to log subtle volume differences that i am convinced are indicators of what ancient beasts foot print we are looking at. The human eye and heart is in this game and we are extremely sensitive to aesthetic pattern. Note most traders are well and truly intoxicated on fibs and I'm surprised honestly that volume is often ignored when it has been on charts forever. There are big attractive red and green candles for goodness sake... harmonic dudes and chicks are fib crazy... i recommend always trying to find the overall pattern in the encyclopedia of chart patterns as well. You need to watch ema rsi etc too. It all gets quite interesting. Combine them all. I'm just developing a more interesting one for me or I'm digging a rabbit hole... seems to work so far when combined with intelligent dca and double down techniques. If we all did what i did we'd all be vultures in a world full of dead bears and bulls.. The thing would flatline... but the alpha dominant males and females of the world are set in stone by millions of years of evolutionary biology. At least for now... The spoils of war scavenger !!! Hahaha !!! Lol best of luck!!
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