ASX 200 Index & AUD & Before Today's Rate Decision Sept 5, 2016

ASX:XAT   S&P/ASX Tất cả Úc 200
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hours of research:

So, far, the trend resumes before the rate decision, but new information will break patterns. According to my suspicions and the analysis of the Australian economy, initially, I thought all is lost; however, when I looks at the whole picture; that is, the economic activity, consumer health, the labor market, inflation , the booming housing market, and now this market indicator (the ASX             Australian 2000's, weekly, bullish uptrend), the picture looks bullish as a whole.

It took several hours to check this out. I probably missed something. I want to believe that it is bearish , but it is not. From this, I conclude that it is not right that Australian lowers their interest rate anymore.

Maybe this is like a pregnant woman with birth-pangs. All the signs look disastrous, but out comes something beautiful. My bullish view of the Australian economy was, indeed, eroding, but it has not died out yet.

Recommended pairs for myself are

(1) The carry trade in AUDJPY             , like before several weeks or months ago. The yield has been nice as well as the appreciation of the price.

(2) I hold a short on AUDUSD             , which may not work out.

(3) I am long AUDNZD             .....

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