#Gold on Its Last Moves ? #NeoWave #XauUsd

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
#Gold to set the last wave up in a triangle to end likely around 20th of April in the same area as of today ?will See if it's not extending anymore!
will short it then not now!
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Sahab Yazdan,
#Gold to set the last wave up in a triangle to end likely around 20th of April in the same area as of today (1360~1400) ?will See..

From the big decline loomed late in 2011 we found a strong structure
ended up in December 2015 with record low to set around 1060$ that was the lowest price since 2010, then it started to recover ahead of this big decline that quoted before, so price came up to recover with a corrective
structure that ended like 1370$ that labeled as wave A then to recorrect this as labeled wave B ,the wave B was too fast and too sharp that made our minds to this following triangle to firm; the wave C should end somewhere above the wave A but not that much far away, meanwhile the wave C itself came up to firm a triangle that would shorten the length of it but
bigger in time though, this is why i've changed my idea for wave C not to be that strong that i thought before since the corrective waves were too sharp and way above my expectations. As long as this structure firming and nothing changed that much; I mean unless no waves were extended so far in price and also in time, so there's chances but still not that much to have the "e" wave extension on this level, the time of this wave C that started from January 2017 was about to end in less than 2 months around April 20. so in result, this wave we're approaching new levels wouldn't last for long (in time) and couldn't extend above 1400$, this is how it can end up this ascending trend that started from 2017; what's next? a wave D of the well-known triangle that started from 2016 to cover up big losses, wave D could be time-consuming and be boring for those on the wrong side of this track.
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