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Please not bet your house on gold! For your own sake!(Chinese)

FX:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
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On chart.
Market is a ( range of) mountians.
Bình luận: Short again, we could see target about 1315- 250= 1065.
Bình luận: This chart is invalid with brexit. I don't like to update it for some reasons.
Bình luận: Special edition for Chinese people. Be careful, it still could drop to new lows if US- China trading negotiation is failed after Trump sends his hostile team. Expecting USDCNY is stabling around 7.0- 7.2 after the trade deal is completed.
Personally, I like Trump very much and I predicted his winning.
He is the man, like Putin, not a pussy.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: The weekly time window starts from 13th. March is very sensitive for the global market as I predicted it 2 months ago. After I checked the central banks calendar today I realized it's a storm week where full of the interests rates decisions. I'd like to wait for them.
See that date, 2017-03-13. I can't believe it's 2 months ago, can you?
Bình luận: OK, this is for Chinese buyers.
I suggest selling gold/Renminibi also USD/CNY JPY/CNY collect all your cash ready to invest A shares.
Bình luận: This's an alert!
I suggest traders be prepared for this condition where NO circulation will be provided for banks and for brokers to execute trader's stop losses.
Consider an potential EURO huge impulse to 1.20 will drag down DXY and will drag down gold from SNB's weakening CHF possibility is becoming higher. The second black swan could happen but inverted the Jan. 2015 sequence.
DXY impulse down in this simulation.

Hold your cash and buy some sort of short term monthly bank interests notes. Be careful guys, the PBOC could be making huge mistakes. I'm a little worried about China politics stable now...
Bình luận: The 24th. April I suggested selling gold/Renminbi and the 29th. April suggested buying short term bank interests notes. Now the market is proving it's right. In fact, if Renminbi is getting stronger then we should have 3 months purchase power recovering period before the direction is clear.
Bình luận: This is not a buying signal ok? The A shares is our first target market now.
Bình luận: With a 3 months lagging from the 13th. March Renminbi's hiking, the purchase power should have come back. We were seeing "rongzirongquan" bottomed yesterday in A shares market.
After reviewing the "Shibor", I guess that there's a 3 months expire period among those commercial banks. That's why the PBOC money policy is always lagging. Also the PBOC lost 10 year bunds future market control or saying there's a system bug between "zhengjianhui" and the PBOC as a administration absence in China bunds future market.
Very bullish for the core inflation and the A shares.
Bình luận: We're expecting the first Renminbi's deposit interests hike in Aug. 2017. Now the market is pre-selling the hike. Look at the first FRB hike for more clues.
Bình luận: It is a qualify moment to prove you are an "investor" or a "scalper"or a "speculator".
For Chinese traders, please look at the FIRST hike of US dollar for more clues.
Bình luận: The geopolitic situations will lead the way.
1, The India invaded China claimed territory, China lost currency war in 2015, it's time to test the army in a real war soon. (This may not end well for India)
2, The THAAD system was fully deployed in July in South Korea, any of the North Korea missile launching could be defeated by it, inevitably.
3, Renminbi may hike soon, there's no winning odd for the US dollar hike match the Yuan hike. The China PBOC did it wrongly in 2015, now they may realize it.
Watch out! Iceberg ahead!
Bình luận: What happens if an Renminbi's hike of deposit rates by 0.25%? Look at CAD hike for more clues.
I quoted Mr. Ren Zeping: "There will be four stages of a new cycle understanding for Chinese analysts, kan bu jian, kan bu qi, kan bu dong, lai bu ji."
Bình luận: Bullish, wait for a dip.
A Renminbi's small rates cut on Nov. 2017 is predicted today, there might be a second cut on Dec. 2017, then a flat and a pegging with US dollar. Bullish signal for China stocks market in 20 months but chose your sectors wisely ( chuangye sector may be the best one).
This's the newest prediction which will meet the 6.83 plat form and an USDCNY pegging for 20 months for sharing the same inflation with the USA (will be lower after 20 months pegging).
President Trump prefers regularity and force, this is what he wants and also fulfills the China new dictator's growing appetites... ugly than Trump.
Bình luận: A Renminbi's deposit hike or second devaluation (6.8 pegging has been predicted before) or China inflation has been predicted today, looks like the news has been leak already. People are commencing on purchasing in the city, like Brexit.
May dip, then rises.
Bình luận: Still expecting a little squeezing during the hike, this hike should be like the first one in 2015, which was causing double squeezing in stocks and commodities. Market may correct to the Feb. 2018.
Bình luận: Still weak, should stay put...
Bình luận: Merry Christmas and happy new year!
We wish investors have good luck!
Bình luận: The core inflation will be the key target for central banks, in 2018, this's the job to do for their trust from people.
Some forex pairs, like USDCNY could drop because of PBOC don't want to hike, they will use US dollar Vs. Chinese Renminbi rates fro controlling the China inflation. This will be a disaster, an huge mistake like negative interests.
Let's look our history on chart. The gold rose from 600 to 1900, it's 300% rising. USDCNY can't afford from 8.0 to drop to 2.666, a 300% appreciation, will destroy China output trades. The Chinese Renminbi has to hike for control it.
Bình luận: Please focus on silver, miners shares but avoiding gold. Be careful guys, we may have gold and silver divergence here with EURAUD crossed 1.5800 level. Something like 1990s maybe happening.
Bình luận: The GS ratio is forming an huge top on monthly chart, we don't know who is gonna move it in the forex market yet.
Thank you for your likes! Mr. Zhou is You- know- Who.
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Who is Mr. Zhou? Important leader of the Communist party? Can you explain?
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