GOLD / 500oz swing / Interactive trading.

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
Well not so interactive since even my grandpa moves faster.
But yesterday Total profit is 4,4k euro .

Not so good day to be honest, since it could be better.
Okay, let's start the day, and remember, this idea should be used only to compare things with your setup, if you see that for example I am opening buy, you should consider what your setup says, and if it is the same, and you feel you can open buy too, go away. With that said, I am not responsible for your actions.
Bình luận: Looking for trade, still nothing worth. Relax.
Bình luận: Okey, what I see here is that Gold could go for a sell, but we still need confirmation.
There are two heading points As you can see in the screenshot 1 of them is 1325.
The second one was 1320. It is very important to see which one is met first. after opening today price went up first to 1325, and in that case it is more like a sell. If price would go down and first see 1320, it would be more for a buy.
So actually 1325 was a good place for sell because 50% is located there as well!
Bình luận: What I am going to look for now is if price breaks Reversal zone downwards ( 1320 ) I will sell for sure. If price breaks 1325 upwards, I am going to buy.
Let's wait and see!
Bình luận: Reversal zone could work as a buy level, but I just don't feel safe buying below 1325 mark. So lets wait and see.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Runing 7 lots on sell. First TP may be 1315, and then maybe TP 2 1312.
Fingers crossed is what they say.
Bình luận: Overall boring day.
Hope to see some action in 15 mins.
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: DXY approached 96.00. Gold is at 0% wave 5 zone. 1317 and was not able to break it. I considered to go out of shorts.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: I am very sorry for ruining a good trade for you guys! My bad, and Sincere apologize for that. Hard day.. I shouldn't tell you to get out of sell just because some stupid DXY reached 96. But I was worried about 0% base from wave 5.. ahh.. BS.
I reentered the sell and forgat to update about that.
Remember this TP -

Well it was reached -
Locked profits right there.
I reckon price staying above 1315 today.
But anyway my bad! I am sorry.
That's it for today.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu:
Second TP 1312 met. Second trade closed.
I end this day with total of 3,3k profit.
Let me know in comment section about your progress.

I opened buy as you can see, with small test lots, and may add if it goes up, but well see what the levels will show after NY close. Cheers.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Not clsoing the buy I had. Still running it. Currently 300 in mius. Wait for NY close, see where the levels will take us next, and make decision, close it in minus or hold.
Bình luận:
Out of interest I have noticed that at 0200 GMT during the Asian session there is always activity that is easier to trade, does anyone know who / why - I cant see anything on the economic calendars? Just interesting is all, take a look through the chart, there is usually volatility there.
Phản hồi
can I enter a buy now ?
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu GoldHunter
I suggest you to wait for NY close and new fresh Gold opening.. I will have new Idea up and running on opening.
But of course if your setup is suggesting buy here, go ahead man! :)
Phản hồi
GoldHunter TheZabisyu
I will wait for N.Y close and enter a buy as you suggested
Phản hồi
Hello, I have buy at 1319.67 it will go up again or not? :'( or I should sl and sell that
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu chaween
Why did you buy at that level man?
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu chaween
I suggest you to hold it my man as far as Gold is not below 1315. Will you survive that?
If Gold closes above 1315 todayu, tomorrow heading point will be 1321, so you will be able to close it.
+1 Phản hồi
chaween TheZabisyu
Ok, I will hold. Thank you very much for your suggest
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu chaween
Let me check the data one more time for you my friend! Just a sec.
Phản hồi
TheZabisyu chaween
Well if todays low remains at 1315.33 youll be fine bro! ;)
Phản hồi
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