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Blame Gold for what it did!

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Hello guys!
During Friday trading session you remember that we smashed 1265 upwards and did not test it afterwards!
I even named Idea " Market makers Dream Dump n Run. Because that was the scenario of today that I was feeling to happen based on transition behaviour.

But gold played a trick at this point, it came down, and it was so close to touch 1265.. but it turned around at 1266.
It was very exciting move yes, but it would be better if 1265 would be seen, then we wouldn't have any business down here anymore and Gold could finally make a move higher!

But even the big mad buyer can't beat transitions, since if you go against them you get REKT. :(

Let's see 1265 and be done with this already!
If you want to go long on Monday, your account balance can be shorted, I am very sorry to say that. I wanted the bull run myself.

just started following you, but I am curious about this transition period.. what variables do you use to determine where it is? is it a psycological tranistion??
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Marvin Lord_Snow
He's explained it a couple of times this week. Here's the gist of it:
Comment: People asking over and over again! What do I trade!

Like I said my trading strategy and knowledge uses only JAFR. Nothing else!
Here is small article on it:

Transitions are nothing esle than Fibonacci levels and Pivots.
But they are calculated using JAFR and Time from Clock.

You take price, and you take time from clock ( without seconds ) Let's say Price is at 1260.00 and time is 12:00. You use 1 Hour ahead it would be 01:00. So you have two parts 1260 and 0100, you apply Gold constant number 28 on it, some other JAFR formulas and you get = price, that you put on chart. It is very complicated, and I know 5% from all I should know, so I am still learning. But real JAFR masters that know 100% of JAFR, can be considered as a Holly Grail! Unfortunatelly they don't spend time in chats, forums, and don't share signals with fellow people!
So I have still a lot to learn.. that will take years! But I'll be there some day!

As well this software is all built on JAFR:
I hope I answer your question!
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To be honest i dont really understand what bruno try to explain. Maybe he/she can give a technical point rather than he/she making humor or try to make sarcasm msg. I just can understand when he/she straightly explain technical point.
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TheZabisyu saint_athur
What is considered to be a joke or sarcasm from what marvin copy pasted above?
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saint_athur TheZabisyu
Bruno I didnt mean the psoting that marvin pasted here regarding JAFR. What I mean the whole updating process when you update your thread. I try to filter a joke and sarcasm side.
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TheZabisyu saint_athur
oh okay! It's all good. Sometimes I do joke.. :D
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it was good to hear ur ideas about this unexpected action. have a nice weekend..
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I was surprised also, you know what, I'm about to close Short around 1266-1267 (when it was playing around) and then when to eat something and then comeback BANG! LoL I wonder why! what! Then I found out that it might be Hilary's FBI reopening the case news, etc. (Blame them all LoL) Anyway after that I shorted around 1280 and just close it now to wait for Monday. But still left one short around 1272 (that I wished to close at 1265 but missed it!).

BTW, thank you so much for keep updating! It's fun to read your analysis! Keep it up! I'm so grateful!
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TheZabisyu chawathuck
It was Market Makers Dream Dump n Run.
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chawathuck TheZabisyu
LoL What a creative name. :D
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