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Gold 2017-2018 Projection

FX:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
Now that I'm kind of exercising and fantasising around, let me tell you gold's fortune on the chart. 2017-2018 projection I see is exciting.

Gold has seen 1022 recently and some think it's THE bottom. Although it might turn out to be true, I still see some room left for the bottom to print:

1117 is the 0.786 fib level,
1090 area is the big ass trendline border
1084 is the 0.886 fib level.
Bonus: EMA (144) support!

So I won't be surprised to see one of those levels soon, before the BFL (big f*** long) begins. But if it has already started, let's not waste our times and hop on the train; I'll be trying to confirm if we are done with the 2nd wave.

Please comment and share your own ideas here, point out where I might be wrong or let's celebrate togather if your own studies coincide with mine.
Fibo 0.886 Level is 1073 ,,Right ...and there is still Room Down for this ,,and your wave count have some serious issue ,,Please recount it ......Please See my chart . mazchaudhry
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CagatayCetin mazchaudhry
@mazchaudhry, 0.886 is 1084, please take a closer look. BTW can you show me the serious issue with my wave count and share your chart's link please?
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mazchaudhry CagatayCetin
@CagatayCetin, Here is my Gold Monthly chart for analysis .

In Correction We are in B wave Sub wave b ,,,Will end up 1085 or 1075 ( 10$ does not make big difference )

After this c = 12345 to end up B wave at 1575

Counting issue ???? There will be No ABC at the End of c =12345 wave On your chart
Or At the end of B wave on my chart No ABC ( Not Possible )

Simple C will follow = 1575 till 575 .
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CagatayCetin mazchaudhry
@mazchaudhry, If your chart is absolutely correct, then of course there will be no ABC correction after your "c" :)) There is a clash of ideas here and I respect that. I'll look further into other possibilites. Thanks for another POV mate, cheers.
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mazchaudhry CagatayCetin
@CagatayCetin, Hello Mate !

2 thing mate ,,First ::: we learn from each other ,,Second ::: difference in opinions is good for positive production ..

I Learned Elliot wave From Justine Williams daughter of Bill Williams , And He is authority ,,
I am Explaining Here what I have learned . I am 50 years old now , I am have seen the peak of my trading carrier ,, i am Retired and Now I trade to kill my time ,,I came here on trading view just 12 days ago on some of my students request .

As Per Your Harmonic Pattern Corrective Leg "A" ( On Your Chart ) should be Equal to Corrective Leg "C" ( On my chart )

A = C Price will fall from 1575 till 575
Issue Resolved :::

No ABC after your C ,,,,,It will be 12345

Kind Regards
mazchaudhry / Muhammad Aurang Zaib Chaudhry

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phoe68 mazchaudhry
@mazchaudhry, how much longer for 1500? in April 2018?
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mazchaudhry mazchaudhry
@mazchaudhry, 0.886 is still intact ,,, I am sure it will reach 1086 / 1075 area for sure , as far as time is concerned , God knows better ... Now come to wave ... On your Chart (1) it is wave 4th of C :::::: On your Chart (1) ,,,to (2) It is wave 5th of C ,,,,5 is always in 3, 5, 7 , 9 or 11 cycles there is still room for down ,, At 1085 Or any low below 1105 Wave (1) will start ... I am student of Bill William's daughter Justine William year 1997 ,, I am well trained on this matter ,, Please send me you personal email id ,, so I do forward you Judy Samuel wave analysis course .
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