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GOLD / lol

FX:XAUUSD   Vàng / Đô la Mỹ
Gold is a ticking sell timebomb, signal from Friday is given.
Tricky part is where to sell, but we'll find that.

Likes, comments are not appreciated.
Hit that un-follow button as well.
Thank you.
Bình luận:

1228.6 can be hit first.
Setup is changing.
Not trading anything here yet.
Bình luận: I have sells active since Friday.
Setup is changing a little bit here, and since we broke 31 right away, it can fall to that 1228.
If it falls to 1228 then little struggle can happen there, bounce or something, so I will trail stop my sells here.
I moved SL to BE already if gold decide to go to 1239.6 now.
Anyway nothing juicy and confirmed here, just being lucky that sells are opened already.
Do I suggest to sell here? Well if you have guts to throw a gun in Support, do it, lol.
Bình luận: Laser Targeted huh
Bình luận: Hey Gold Bugs, intraday 1227 - 1228 can save you my childs. If that is broken, we fly to the moon.. to the one that's down there.
Bình luận: 1228 for now provide support as expected. That was the last one small BL4 target left from Froday. Bigger target is still to come, but gold could start to climb up to upper targets and that 1239.6 and maybe even 1242 before the fall down.
Closed my big sells manually here and took the money like greedy bastard. Better in pocket than on Broker's table floating around. Now I wait for gold to give breakout confirmation, but I am not looking to buy this anyway.
Once signal comes I'll update my positions.
Bình luận: 1228 did the work and seems gold is getting back above 1231 level. Great. Let's get that 38-42 levels and prepare for sell. Should be ok, but we will confirm that first.
Bình luận: "" intraday 1227 - 1228 can save you my childs """
28 was good but that last man standing 27... charm.... :*
Bình luận: Floating transitions and setup has been changed with this level testing here. Ticking sell time bomb is not that good of a sell anymore it seems. This can be a great buy if levels confirms.
Bình luận: Someone has died in gold today.
If 1227 taken out 1223 is the target.

Would love to see break and bounce higher up to 1235.9. Great sell then.
Doing some cleaning on my old bookmarked trades... Nice one TP!
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Phản hồi
Beautiful trade setup, thank you for sharing your view. I have similar idea as well on this pair.

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yah moma ;)
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