BITMEX:XBTUSD   Bitcoin / US Dollar Perpetual Inverse Swap Contract
Long the dip between $3,900 and $3,950. Ladder if you must but risk no more than 5-10% capital.
Sell a bit on the breakout, then buy the dip once the breakout retraces back to the neckline AROUND $4,127.

Why do shorts keep closing?
Why do longs keep piling in?
Why do we keep getting darth maul lightsabers?
Why are we ignoring hidden bearish divergence in the weekly for the ... FIFTH CANDLE IN A ROW?
Why are alts suddenly having M A S S I V E rallies?
Why is Nano quiet?
Why did we have that disastrous drop yesterday, and ***why did shorts close on it?***
Who would be easier for exchanges to liquidate/stop hunt? Deep longs from $3,500, or brand new EUPHORIC BEAR SHORTS?
I'll tell you why.

We bout to go from sell the rally to FOMO long the dip. Target of this IHS is $4.8k/$5.1k/$5.6k.
If we reach FULL FOMO STATUS, we WILL test $6k.
Past that is anybodies guess but IF we can break $6k on a very high volume breakout, the bear is dead. At least for now. Though, another lower low is possible later during the year.
They're S C A R E D and it's painted BLATANTLY all over the charts.
If you are a GOOD person, spread this around. Tell your friends. Share in telegrams. I MEAN IT. We NEED YOU. We WILL win IF you help.
Tell your family to buy like $50 worth of BTC . I DARE YOU.
I want YOU to actually MAKE MONEY on this ***UNBELIEVABLE*** call.
April 12th, 2018 I called $6,755 as a potential reversal point for Bitcoin . Less than 6 hours later we went from $6,753.60 to $8,080 in an HOUR. I have proof. ;)
That rally proceeded to hit $10k. The feelings + analysis I had then are N O T H I N G compared to how positive I am now.
Bulls will need support around $3,950/$3,900. Do you have the balls to help?
This idea is invalidated on a break past $3,855.

If you're short, consider getting out NOW, or get out on the dip that's soon to come.
I have been given a gift and a curse.
I use to be a very nasty and manipulative person, so I can see what they're doing.
Can you?

These people will PAY DEARLY for liquidating the bulls yesterday.
It's the bulls turn. We are about to strike with a VENGEANCE.
You have been warned.

My name is MC Peewee, but you can call me teh Salesman.
(Not financial advice.)

Bình luận: $3,950/$3,900/$3,850. Easy ladder.
5-10% risk max. Not financial advice.

May God have mercy on the bears souls.
Bình luận: By the way. Something tells me we could even rally to $4,073 FIRST which is the .786 bear retracement of the catastrophic fall from $4,200.
We're bear flagging at the moment but what do you think people will do if we suddenly dildo out of it? FOMO. Then we hit $4,073, POSSIBLY even as high as $4,127 and then....darth maul lightsaber dump to initiate a selloff.
Meanwhile smart money longs will be waiting to buy at the bottom.
Will you be one of them?
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