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Revisiting the DOT COM bubble. Could we see a DO-OVER?

Pay attention folks. The NASDAQ and the global markets are setting up for a repeat of the DOT COM bubble burst. In the late 1990s, the DOT COM rise was attributed to a number of factors, most importantly the unique situation where the US was leading the global in technology advancements and web services. Investment in these firms was focused on hope and dreams that tech startups would achieve untold success and profits. Hundreds of billions poured into startups and small shops in the hopes that they would be able to grasp just small percentages of the market and return value like Yahoo , AOL and others. Then came the crash.

The realization of value started near the end of 1999 (after an extended HYPE phase). It became evident that GROUP THINKING resolved the risks to nearly non-issues. People purchased shares because it would never end - but it did. And the Sept 11 terrorist attack in NYC was the icing on the cake in terms of changing public perception. After these attacks, the realization quickly became clear that "technology was not all that" and that other issues were more pressing. Thus, a nearly 60% decline from the highs began.

Could we be setting up for another, almost exact, price move in the near future? Check out this post and the next one I'm submitting.

DOT COM DO-OVER in the next 12 month? What makes 2012~2017 different from 1995~2000? You tell me?

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