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Still lots of potential in this one. Don't keep your eyes off it for too long. Check in from time to time.

I'll leave it up to you to choose what to do. Look at my previous chart. I gave options on what you can do.
Bình luận: It acts like it wants to do something. I'm STILL leaving the SECOND TEST LOCATION TENTATIVE
Bình luận: IF you did what I did, which was SHORT all of my ALTS in BTC, and now hold BTC, you can sell your BTC for USD to buy back into the alts I suggest in US Dollars.

However, I recommend spreading your US Dollars among at least two alt coins at a minimum. I try to never have all my eggs in one basket.

Some of the Alts will have more gains than others. I prefer diversification myself.
Just saying...
Bình luận: May not be done yet

May still be going UP which means BTCUSD going DOWN
do you think we are at the peak of the AR or is there more room to go up?
Phản hồi
@ebnrhadi, My apologies for the delay. REMEMBER, these things take time to play out. Don't necessarily get caught up emotionally in the lower time frames. RSI is a smidgin below 50 but building. Keep a watch on it...

Phản hồi
@ebnrhadi, above 50 on the 12h

Phản hồi
@ebnrhadi, RSI @ 57 on the 4h

Phản hồi
@ebnrhadi, drew the line out further to the right on RSI in the 4h :
Phản hồi
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