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XEM-BTC i love JAPAN :)

alt season is back. Our job now is to find the most profitable coin to invest into. The hard part is that we don't know which coins will pump first or later. Instead of jumping around and wait for winning lottery. Why not invest into the coins which we think will have big potential profit when its uptrend starts ? :)

Reason for picking XEM:
-uptrend is starting
-very high potential profit compared to other coins
-high liquid so we can get in or out with minimal loss
-I love JAPANESE girls :)
Bình luận: out and be in btc for now. Will get in again after XEM retrace. I think btc will make one more big move up to 9k. After that everything (btc and alts ) will retrace healthily. That will be our chance for reloading
Bình luận: btc is dropping. Look like we might have bloody Monday :)
Bình luận: we are in triangle . Something should happen next hours which will decide xem's direction for few days. I still think that xem will retrace down more.

Bình luận: Lot of alts are in overbought area now. Today is the last date of US tax (well , of course it is just a makeup reason for the pump because we can extend our tax to October 15th :). I think tomorrow we might have some action of bitcoin. By looking at our atls, i think that bitcoin might retrace down to 7.2k-7.5k area which will help alts reset their RSI for next bull run.
Bình luận: 80% down, 20% up.
Bình luận: watch out for breaking up. Bull refuses to retrace .

Bình luận: it looks like we are in big bull run . Every dips are a chance to buy :)
Bình luận: come on XEM . Time to wake up
Bình luận: the beast is waking up .
Bình luận: XEM is acting weak compared to other coins. That's really a disappointment. is MM testing our patience ?
Bình luận: is this the last shake out from NEM ? this patient test is too long now T__T
Bình luận: if xem follows RSI fractal on 1 Day chart, we should consolidation a little more than start going up for Wave 5
Bình luận: XMIN airdrop for NEM holder starts today
Bình luận: can we hope for this fractal to happen :) ?
Bình luận: 4k needs to hold T__T
Bình luận: NemOfficial twitter says that Consensus event May 14-16 is the biggest event in the year for Nem. Let's see how price will go next week. Because we dump before Consensus, we should expect a big rise on or after Consensus event. Next week will decide Xem's direction.
Bình luận: going to hold tight this coin to see what happens when they release V2 software this month.
Bình luận: now I feel very bullish on Xem :)
Giao dịch được đóng thủ công: im out. I have bad feeling about XEM. It seems like Xem will only rise until end of this year. Good luck to anyone who still hold this coin
Bình luận: if xem follows the fractal as on chart, we should expect 2-3 months bear market for Xem from now on
LOL Japanese girls are the best
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Japanese girls...yes Sir!
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