Stellar XLM Forecast

BINANCE:XLMBTC   Stellar / Bitcoin
XLM             chart shows consolidation around the 4,000 price area. Furthermore the 4,000 price area seems to be the benchmark of previous resistance and support lines. The chart also suggests a symmetrical triangle longing for a breakout, reversal of trend and a bullish outlook for months to come. January 2018 is a very busy month for Stellar             due to events which should attract the spotlight for many investors. Although prospects are favourable I am forecasting gradual growth rather than sharp mooning. However I do not exclude sharp increases in price due to hype and potential.

Buy target 3,500 - 4,000

Events :

16 January 2018 Community Pool
17 January 2018 Sentry Scouts Monthly
17 January 2018 Stellar             Contracts
18 January 2018 Mobius Network
25 January 2018 Roadmap

This is not an investment advice, always do your own reseach.
Giao dịch bắt đầu: XLM you star! What an amazing opportunity to purchase XLM at 3,500 and even as low as 3,000! Like stated above XLM is full of events and positive prospects. BTC's bleed offered XLM at a further discount.

Price should return to the obvious 4,000 mark and from there onwards, the news quoted above should trigger a bullish trend and achieve the indicated targets.

For those who purchased XLM at 3,500 are looking at a 43% return on first target hit (5,000)!! Not too shabby for a stellar!

Goodluck guys & hodl!
Thanks for pointing out the 4000 support
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