$XLM BEAUTIFUL Rally Ahead (What YOU need to Know!) $BTC $XRP

BITTREX:XLMBTC   Lumen / Bitcoin
Clear breakout yesterday with very clear confirmation. Now stair stepping it's way back to former highs.

Big resistance around the $0.75 area, would expect some bouncing around there. Above that area XLM             has a free ride to ATH             and beyond.

All indicators saying we are ready to roll and have plenty of room to go if market conditions are ok (IE. BTC             not crashing or breaking out)
1. RSI trending up, hidden bull div             on bottom of yesterdays print. Clear sign
2. MACD crossing to the upside 4hour confirming the trend reversal to the upside
3. OBV trending up
4. Volume looking good on all pops, signals that buyers are in control
5. BBands trading outside on the 2 hour, signals strength

Overall, still keep an eye out for any massive selling bars or market conditions that change like BTC             breaking the neckline as that will likely stifle XLM's current move. As long as things remain steady in the broad market, XLM             is allowed to run.

Not much else to say here, no glaring concerns from me as it stands. Of course I would think it can bounce around but the trend is clear right now.

**Failure - trend is reversing if we get a 4 hour close below the former resistance trend line

**Not an Exact thing but fib extensions say this move can go into mid $1 area. I can't give a time frame on this, could be a couple months or a couple weeks or a couple days, and this is just a ballpark type thing but I like keeping it in the back of my mind as final price will tell us if the relative strength compared to where it *could* go

Not financial advice.
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Ah! Not bch but vtc
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I think.. xlm is similar with bch chart..
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