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Hello all this isnt necessarily a trade recommendation based on any technicals but just food for thought before you throw large amounts of your profits at this. But do you see any similarities on this chart? before you start trading on a 1h chart take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Again not saying this is going to collapse again ripple seems to have momentum but i for one am not falling for this. take this as you will its good to see all sides.
I think that the drop off will not as big as in May because now Bitcoin is 30% or less of the total market capitalization at that time BTC was 70% or above
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LadenStanford conrado881126
@conrado881126, i agree with that ...and that is an observation i did not take into account of i believe that could end up being significant
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Hi, how long can it take until the crypto market and xrp recover in particular from this run in Korea? Tks
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@gusccbb, well i think that we are already seeing today signs of strength...the amount of FUD that has been going around the crypto market as a whole has been enormous but to those of us in the crypto space we have grown to understand that for better or worse that is a part of things at this stage in crypto. but generally once news comes out that shows that all the FUD is actually FUD hah it doesnt take long for the market to make up lost ground from all the panic sells i look back to when chinese ban FUD was everywhere the market made up $100 billion sell off in a matter of a week
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Im going to ask you a simple question since this is probably the 15th exact copy of this specific "not analysis, just an observation" regarding XRP.

In your mind would you say the market today is exactly the same as the market nearly 9 months ago?
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LadenStanford Mastodonic_
@Mastodonic_, well hello there ill answer your simple question...no the market is not even close to the same as it was 9 months ago however as we all know or should know history has a way of repeating itself and one thing that lead to ripple falling 9 months ago was an epic run by bitcoin. sincle ripple is tied to bitcoin and not fiat in this example you have to take that into account and from my observation bitcoin looks as tho it could start another epic run so if you think that ripple will outperform bitcoin for the next month or two my advice would be to ignore my idea and buy the shit out of ripple however i have another perspective. as to this being the 15th copy i cant attest to that i have a day job that doesnt involve reading other peoples ideas i post my own but you know opinions are like assholes everyone has them and ill be the first to tell you that my opinion is not always right
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LadenStanford LadenStanford
i misspoke...i do read others ideas however i dont copy and paste...the conclusions i draw in my published ideas are just that MY OWN ideas. i do my own research and own technicals and this site is supposed to be used as educational and i believe your not truly learning unless you look at all sides of an argument. if every posted buy ripple or buy bitcoin or vice versa then where is the education in those one sided arguments? someone has to play devils advocate...but i welcome your question and hope to hear back on how you feel. and if this helped in any way positive or negative then i have done my job
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