XRP going up. Low risk high reward 5:1 That't 500% profit/risk

BITFINEX:XRPBTC   Ripple / Bitcoin
If you aren't in the trade, the safest time will be if it breaks out. The breakout is when it leaves the SZ it is currently in and after it does finds support where the top of the zone used to be. Thats usually a pretty good place to enter a trade.

If you want to give it more wiggle room it could hit .00009999 sat. Otherwise should be a quick and easy trade. Bitcoin             is a volatile market. It's going to move up towards 13k             before going down to sub 9k then work its way back up. However we do want to trade on this market, we just don't want our money tied up too long. So this is where we need short smart trades. Get in at your price point and get out close to target or set stop loss and move it accordingly to protect paper profits. Don't be the victim of a BTC             spike.

Why wait for the storm to pass when you can learn to dance in the rain?

This is educational and only my opinion. Good luck all.
Bình luận: I would take the trade listed after it breaks out of the zone it is in. I would use a confirmation entry.

Otherwise I would let it fall to the supply zone around .000097-.0001 and probably enter the trade right above that zone. I think it will turn before then but adjust your stop accordingly to give it wiggle room if you're already in the trade.
Bình luận: Looks like my demand zone worked and wouldn't have gotten stopped out. This is where profit management comes in and understanding supply zones so you can know when its going to bounce. Look at my trade here to see a sample of how zones work
Bình luận: XRP is moving. Move up stop loss. You can lock in profits now. Or break even depending when you got in the trade. 11875 will be an area of strong resistance due to supply zone.
Bình luận: This is a good time to consider re-entering the trade
Bình luận: If you find my charts useful, feel free to send tips or not to any of these Wallet Addresses. Your tips are appreciated and help me spend more time charting for everyone and keep updates coming. Either way lets have some fun.

Bitcoin 1623H7dyLQgS9PP9K4bZL6Q1m1dWsXu1Dd
Ethereum 0x0f3519f693984a69503291210FEb50a9F544269e
Dash XjvXVfn9D2S6QT4JH7zd5Jzcticz8DuMEC
Decred DsjoS3oQ7V2L4H6DN9HqVKX8c5Ez67n5tS5
Litecoin LewiitKzGP4yNYNPeGYXkLMzv89x1b9zyZ
Bình luận: When XRP moves next it should find a supply zone somewhere around .000120250. There is also a demand zone formed around .00011000, so it may drop to price range before moving up again. Good luck everyone!
Giao dịch bắt đầu: I don't update my charts too often because not enough followers or comments. But if you guys want updates with solid foundations let me know. I'll also take requests for TA if people want.
Hello @doncazper
I like your charts, Can u update this chart?
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