fidget spinner wave 5? XRP

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fidget spinners in high demand these days...I don't really understand it, but the charts say what they say...
Bình luận: Looks like a 1 and a 2
Bình luận: Hey guys got rid of my position last week, forgot to update this (another reason not to blindly follow my analysis)...I try to do my best to update when I can. Anyway, hate this coin lol but if it starts to look promising again maybe ill take another shot, maybe not, gluck to u!

To be clear not saying this analysis will not eventually come to fruition but i'm just uninterested.
Bình luận: Okay, had another fresh look at things. Maybe this count makes more sense? Looks promising.
Bình luận: For the record the c was supposed to be where 4 is ns how it got moved. (in other words showing a-b-c is complete)
I see a repeat of the last cycle. Buy in the red box.
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btc_joe PRO the_hitman
@the_hitman, interesting...hmm why does the poloniex price action look so much different than trex.
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@btc_joe, looks similar to me
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btc_joe PRO the_hitman
@the_hitman, ya it does, good catch. Lets see if it starts to break up soon, if we start to test that double bottom def not a good sigh.
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@btc_joe, Zooming in to the 1hr
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@btc_joe @the_hitman ahh nevermind just wasn't zoomed out. Anyway if we start to break below .01 u may be right...ns it would go that low but who knows. At least to 0.005
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lol beetconnect
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@btc_joe, digging the analysis. Quick question though, what's your thoughts behind (3) actually being leg (1), and (4) being (2)? I am new to EWA but I would have thought that (1) and (2) on your chart seem a little too small scale in comparison to the rest of the movements?
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btc_joe PRO cubantobacco
@cubantobacco, to me it looks like a clear extended wave 3 (the 5 waves for wave 3 just pop out at you)...

That's possible but seems less likely to me, show me with a chart how you would count the 5 waves of wave 1 and I will consider because I don't see how you would.
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@btc_joe, I was approaching EWA with the 5-3-5-3-5 method here:
. Thoughts?
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