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Disclaimer: Anything that I say is my own opinion. I have been doing my own personal research and believe that Ripple is an excellent investment. After following it for a few weeks I made a small investment. Any money that you invest is your responsibility. Do some research and learn about the currency yourself before putting your hard earned money into it. This is not a "pump and dump", it is a just friendly investor sharing his insights.

My thoughts of Ripple
I have mixed feelings about Ripple. I have been following the project for around two months now and everything about it seems pretty amazing. To start off, Ripple is always in the top four largest cryptocurrencies. But why?

Ripple is essentially is becoming the "Venmo" of the crypto world, and rightfully so, has large banks such as Santander on their side. If Santander, a world-wide bank, doesn't impress you then I really don't know what will. Ripple has proven that they are a crypto that can actually make it in this volatile world.

I've been watching Ripple since it was around 10 cents a share and was too skeptical about it. I never really liked the idea that Ripple was essentially helping what most people started to use cryptocurrencies, the banks. Since this I've lost out on tremendous losses. Now I see the real world application of Ripple, and so should you.

Listed in the chart I have an orange line, or Ripple's new support line. The Purple line is Ripple's new resistance

I believe that right now is a perfect time to buy Ripple. Therefore, the blue box is the sweet spot in my opinion. I would buy anywhere in that range.

I will just let you know, a Ripple investment is a long term investment. Keep that in mind while you place your hard earned money in it.

As always, thanks for reading my graphs. If I missed something let me know, I love to hear feedback.

- von braun
Giao dịch bắt đầu: Like an idiot, I didn't jump on the Ripple train again because my bid was just a hair off of the ask. Oh well time to watch Ripple surge for another day :(
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Pretty much going to where you had it. How low is this going?
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