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XRP / Leading to a new bounce ?

XRP could bounce up to at least 0.8 (EUR) tomorrow afternoon/night ( UTC ).

I think the worst part of this early year is now passed and that we're on an upping trend.
We saw kind of a resistance around 0.6 (EUR) and we could consider the last little green candle as a confirmation of this upping trend idea.

WARNING : do not forget to consider 2 possible scenarios and so, to consider my idea as wrong and to prepare yourself for a possible down due to any news that no one can predict. Stay safe.

I drew this one hour ago, waiting for something I consider as a confirmation to publish my first idea.
This being your first TA posted, let's hope you nail it!
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@cyberholz, I think that if the price goes under the 0.62 (EUR) resistance, it risks to go down again before pumping up quite soon.

(honestly I feel a bit stressed about my first post, let's hope I'm right ! \o/)
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cyberholz MommyToldMeToNotBuy
@MommyToldMeToNotBuy, Important is how the top dog king coin BTC behaves, not much XRP could do...
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@cyberholz, even if BTC is actually leading the crypto market, we already saw cryptos that doesn't follow it's trend (hopefully ? /// look ETH few days ago for exemple)

But for now, the resistance seems to exist on bitcoin chart too :p

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